From Underworld Enforcer to   

Transformations Leader. The 

Inspirational Journey of 

Mike Barrett     

I have the honour of meeting, interviewing and associating with some incredible people who all having a great impact on the communities they serve.

In this episode I got to interview a great man. Pastor Mike Barrett is the CEO and Founder of Transformation Ministries International.

Mike pioneered this ministry in 1999 to empower the Local Church to get real and lasting results in the rehabilitation of Criminals, Addicts, Alcoholics and Mentally ill Men and Women. With an incredible 75% success rate and multiple campuses nationally and internationally, Churches, Communities and Governments are seeing this as a model for social reform.

Mike also has a powerful testimony of how he came to do this incredible work, from once being a drug enforcer and debt collector with a $500 a day habit himself.  He takes us though how he descended into the drug world and the light bulb moment where he decided that he needed to change. 

His story of redemption, recovery and rehabilitation and how he know helps other people is such an inspiration. 


Mike has also started Salt Recovery which is a treatment centre which features top facilities, top practitioners and leading edge treatments. 








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Value gems from the show today 


1. Please help Mike & his team with their incredible work Donate Now  

2. Transformation Website 

3. Salt Recovery Live in Recovery Centre    




The Big 3 Takeaways


1. Join the community of survivors. Get the help you need.   
2. Your world can change in an instant.      
3. You can’t do what Mike does but you can help him do what he does.      





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