Don’t Wait To Get The Best Advice

I have noticed that in life most people wait too long to get help. They contact a lawyer when its too late, they put off speaking with a doctor/physician, or start taking care of their health and relationships when it is just too late

Failure and Success

Failure and success are determined by two common things: timing and advice. Most people who have succeeded receive sound advice at the right time, and from the right people. They also used the secret sauce to succeed in anything, implementation, they acted on the great advice when they received it.

Most people who fail or remain mediocre, receive advice too late or sought advice from the wrong people, or even decided not to even implement the good advice they received.

I recently caught up with an old friend and frankly he thinks I’m nuts. He believes in just ambling along in life not really striving or pushing himself. When I tell him how much I spend on coaching and self-development he definitely thinks I’m crazy. The advice and knowledge from books, audios, and conferences are invaluable if implemented.

Now,  I really believe in live and let live and in fact, have another friend whose life ambition was to live by a lake in a log cabin, do some hunting and fishing and that’s his dream. I am so happy for him and admire that he has found what he wanted in life.

Don’t Be Afraid of Beginning Again

Getting back to my other friend,  I explained to him that coaching enables me to fast-track success in anything I do. The topic of crypto came up and I could see his head almost explode.

Another friend of ours is in his early to mid-fifties who is the opposite. When crypto, Metaverse, NFTs, etc became more well know he looked into it and thought, “Nah, it’s all too complicated, and too much to learn”

Then, he thought to himself “I’m acting like an old guy”

He did a bunch of research, got some coaching, and now loves the whole crypto space.

The Cost of Failure

Failure to get the right help, from the right people early on can be costly. A few years ago one of my friend’s mother passed away with cancer. The tragedy wasn’t so much that she had cancer, but what she could have done prior. She, unfortunately, ignored many of the symptoms and went for help much too late.

We can all be a bit like my friend’s mother. People know what to do but they don’t do what they know. We know what we need to do to become successful in our job, in our business, and in our life.  Many of us fall prey to both timing and advice.

Instead of dealing with issues early to prevent problems from becoming larger, we tend to step around the problem for years. This simply postpones the inevitable because at some point we have to face a much larger problem because it has continued to grow.

We are then faced with trying to repair the broken relationship or business. One thing I have learned is that it’s easier to manage something than to repair something.

You Do What?

Some people shake their heads at many of the health strategies that I do,  but it’s smarter and easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle than to try to heal your body of cancer or heart problems later.

It’s also a lot easier to maintain a healthy positive attitude by conducting daily rituals than letting your attitude slide and then you have to try and rebuild it.

I’ve seen so many people who appear to be positive, upbeat, and so juiced about life, but when tragedy or a setback hits, they get so negative. They didn’t invest in their attitude and mindset on a regular basis.

We tend to bypass the little problems and let them escalate into larger problems. Most addictive behavior starts small and then builds into devastating behaviors.

Action and Implement

Don’t hesitate to learn the power of timing and actively seek advice from the right people.

But a word of warning be sure to go to the right people for advice. Don’t procrastinate. What changes in your life do you need to implement. Stop procrastinating and implement before it’s too late?

To your success