‘Finding Your True Purpose,  Meaning & Passion in Life’    

with Dr Susan Nicholas MD    




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Episode 28 Shownotes 

After seeing Dr. Susan Nicholas MD speak in New York City and at TEDx I knew I had to have her on the show. Today I am absolutely delighted to have her in the studio to share her story, her knowledge and passion.

Dr Susan did her clinical fellowship in Cardiothoracic Surgery at Stanford Hospital in Pala Alto, CA. & after a conscious awakening, transitioned her life into soul healing work.

She was a successful doctor but was deeply unhappy, unfulfilled and in the depths of despair. She then realized that she needed to find true purpose in her life. 

Today, she is a telepathic medical intuitive, author,  energy healer, and international speaker. Her highly sought-after speaking platform is entitled “The Frequency of Money” where she engages and inspires audiences to positively transform their relationship with money.  

Susan speaks at schools, associations and organizations, empowering them to think both deeply and differently about the energy that is our money. 

Now it’s time to sit forward and listen to this deeply emotive and informative conversation. 

I decided that being truly transparent,  this powerful conversation should be released unedited. 





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The Big 3 Takeaways & What You Will Learn 


1. The journey to finding true fulfillment and wholeness    
2. The importance of connections and relationships in bringing wealth  
3. We are all all abundant being, even if we don’t realize it.       





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