Affirmation for Success and Wealth.

We all have the internal dialogue or mind chatter that goes on in our minds. Now some of it is actually beneficial. Obviously, if you are near the edge of the cliff then you better listen to your inner chatter there or the next result won’t be pretty.

But if your inner dialog starts chirping negativity when you are about to ask that person out for coffee, start that business, ask for a raise or pitch to a potential customer then it’s not working in your favor.

Hearing negative fear statements going round and round in our head is counterproductive and hold us back.

Even worse is when we constantly replay negative outcomes in our heads which puts us in the vortex of negativity.

Quieten Down In There

There is a way to quieten this negative chatter and it is relatively simple to implement but very powerful.

Having a daily affirmations practice can help to counter the negative thoughts and chatter that permeate our daily thinking.

As you can imagine when I was serving there were many high-risk situations. If we ruminated on all the things that could have gone wrong we would have never been able to successfully carry out our objectives.

A simple technique we used was to count from 2000 to 0 and then from 0 to 2000 back again. This was repeated as long as necessary as it kept our minds busy and not thinking about all that could go wrong.

Success Is All About Rehearsing

Having a daily affirmations practice helps us challenge our negativity and self-sabotaging thoughts.

Success in life is about rehearsing, rehearsing, and rehearsing some more so that our thoughts and fine motor skills are automatic. When we are stressed it is our thoughts (Concentration & problem solving) and fine motor skills that become compromised.

Just as we repeat physical exercises to get stronger we can control our self-talk so our mind isn’t like an unleashed wild pony.

What Are Affirmations

Affirmations are often referred to as exercise for the mind which they certainly are. They have the ability to keep our minds strong.

Affirmations can have the effect of reprograming our minds. There is plenty of research showing MRI’s being carried out and you can actually see the new thoughts or neural pathways being laid down in our brain circuitry.

By having an affirmations practice we are literally learning how to think again.

Affirmations are a personal thing but they are all positive, optimistic statements. They are tailored to the individual’s needs and typically in the positive and start with “I am.

I am powerful, I am gifted, I am able etc etc.  

You will see from the examples above that the word I is crucial in affirmations. The majority are written in the present tense and are very optimistic and positive. Most of the sentences are brief and to the point.

What About The Science

Some of the studies into affirmations are (Sherman et al 2008 & 2009)  (Critcher and Dunning 2015) (Koole et al 1999) (Cook et al 2012) and (Sherman et al 2013) to name a few.

Affirmations help us form a more positive and optimistic way of looking at ourselves and our life. You literally change the narrative of your life.

I use affirmations daily and typically listen to them as I fall asleep of a night.

Affirmations For Success and Wealth

I have inserted a link in this blog above to an example of an affirmations video that I use. It’s called Affirmations for Success and Wealth. Feel free to use it for your own affirmations practice.

I typically put it on of a night as I am drifting off to sleep and it sets my subconscious to move the needle forward on what I want to achieve in life.

It can be a little awkward when you begin but hang in there and see how it changes your thinking, your mood, and your energy.

Until next time

No Negativity.