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David C. Lee is a coach, entrepreneur & speaker who has honed his skills as an operator, motivator, mentor & coach in a 30-year career in business, police, military and paramilitary organisations. He has built, managed & sold million dollar businesses, has had his feet on the ground in many many high risk situations and has helped countless people move through their own fears and doubts.

David has worked with numerous organisations and individuals and drills down to the core issues of what holds an orginasation or individual back. He has been to some of the most darkest and scariest places both physically and emotionally and uses those experiences to help his many clients.

David is also the host of the podcast Dreamers Believers & High Achievers where each episode he dives in with incredible entrepreneurs and ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  

They talk about their wins and losses and reveal many of the strategies that keep them on top of their game. The exact same strategies that you can implement in your own life. 


Success Strategy Program

The Success Strategy Program is a unique 8 Module Program which contains many of the proven strategies utilised by elite Military, Paramilitary & Police units worldwide.

These same principles are now being used by some of the leading companies from around the world.  

Since leaving the services I have utilised many of the strategies to help people achieve in business and in life. You will learn the 5 steps to creating a magnificent life through 8 Modules all delivered in a self paced, easy to follow  learning format.


David uses his unique experiences to motivate, inspire and enthral audiences wherever he goes. David will have you wiping away tears one minute and laughing the next.

His powerful presentations of leadership, inspiration, resilience and overcoming adversity will challenge, move, inspire and be a call to action needed for the audience to dig into their lives and challenge their own thoughts as to what they thought possible.

David has the ability though his experiences and diverse sphere of knowledge to cast a new meaning or light onto a topic and to deliver key messages others can’t.  


Coaching.                                          David personally works with a select few clients both (individual and group sessions) and focusses on several core disciplines to skyrocket his client’s success.

He drills down and discovers the vey mindset or brain bugs that are holding people back from the very success they want.  

 Operation Firefly.                        David in collaboration with several former covert operations operatives has created a unique leadership program that can be tailored to your needs. It is like no other program and takes you on a very life like “Mission”  

David C. Lee is full of wisdom, is full of courage, is full of faith but more than that he is an inspirational story. I encourage you to book him, follow him, whatever you can do to lean into this man.

David C. Lee will bring increase into your life, remember his name, he is going to change your life. 

Pat Mesiti

International Speaker & Author

I have seen David speak at a conference previously and he is probably one of the most authentic speakers that I have heard.

He captivated the audience and his story is such a powerful message of resilience, comeback and never give up attitude.  A truly inspirational man. 


Carl Reiner


David has helped me incredibly & I can affirm without a doubt that my businesses would not be where they are today without him.

I was in a situation where David was critical to the survival of my business. Without his input my business would have suffered long term consequences.                                                                  

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