Overcoming Fear of Failure & How To Put   

Put Yourself Out There.

David C. Lee   

In this episode we dive into how our Inner-Game (mindset) keeps us from our A game and why so many people fear putting themselves out into the public eye.


There are many viruses out there that infect our minds. These viruses are reflected as attitudes and thought patterns that have entered our minds quietly over the years.


Many of them we catch during our childhood. When we’re young, we’re vulnerable and teachable, and we absorb both good and bad mindsets because we don’t know any better and we look to our parents and care givers for guidance . Research has shown that many of our thought patterns begin from  when we are just 7 years old.


Sit forward, hit the play button as we unravel some of the mysteries of the mind.    



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Value gems from the show today 


The Big 3 Takeaways 


1. Don’t let some of the “truths” that you have grown up with determine your future. 
2. Constantly challenge your negative thoughts.  
3. Successful people are willing to make mistakes because they realize that is where growth is. 




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