Coaching has proven the lynchpin to high achievement in many aspects of life and business. Coaching enables you to fast track your success, focus on your  goals and to be held accountable to the daily actions that are needed to perform  at a high level. It enables you to experience incrediable results in areas of productivity, personal satisfaction, business and life.


Coaching. David personally works with a select few clients both (individual and group sessions) and focusses on several core disciplines to skyrocket his client’s success. You may have success but do you have what it takes to continue & build on your great success? David will empower & nurture your focus, motivation, accountability & set you on the path to greatness.  The methods that David uses are a combination of his unique skill sets learned from 30 years of pushing and encouraging individuals just like you to reach down & achieve their very best. The best plans and strategies are not enough for you to be truly inspired to greatness; you have to have the right mindset as well. David has witnessed many people who were stronger, fitter and smarter than he was but who didn’t achieve their goals due to their limiting beliefs. You will discover tools & strategies to make you more accountable so that you can get results in the area of your life that matters most, business, health, finances and personal relationships. 


Strikeforce  Firefly. David in collaboration with several former covert operations operatives have created a unique leadership program that can be tailored to your needs.

From half day to 2 day missions , Strikeforce Firefly can be conducted at your conference venue or corporate headquarters. In Strikeforce Firefly you will be taken into a world that few people have ever experienced. Your team will assume the role of a Command Management Team operating from the “Command Centre”

You will be in command of a situation which could be a hostage rescue, asset extraction, natural disaster, act of terrorism  and the clock is ticking.

Your team will be given a scenario and you will be given options and how to deal with them. You will receive a steady flow of information through numerous sources which could include ground assets, electronic surveillance  or other sources & you will have to adapt and work together to attain desired outcomes. The very next piece of information could completely change the whole outcome of the mission.

This is the closest you can get to actually being in a real-life command post. Desktop operations  such as Strikeforce Firefly are used throughout the world by elite organisations and agencies to train and hone their skills.

Do you and your team have what it takes. Please contact our office for further details and availabilities.  



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