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Interviews & Inspiration for the entrepreneur, the curious & those that are inspired.   

Each episode your host David C. Lee dives in with some of the most incredible entrepreneurs, thought leaders & ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

They share their wins, their struggles, their fascinating journey and how they keep their focus and mindset on their ultimate goals.

They reveal some of the strategies and hacks that keep them at the top of their game. The exact same strategies that you can implement in your life.

Grab your earbuds, a coffee and hit the play button to get inspired & learn from the best in the business. 

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       Episode  #72    


Join David as he brings another incredible guest into the Dreamers Believers & High Achievers Studio  

       Episode  #69    


Behind The Scenes of How a Former Pro Athlete is Changing Lives with Cutting Edge Technology  –  Harout Markarian  

       Episode  #66     


            Navigating Recruitment,                     Networking and LinkedIn                            with Career Coach                      Melanie Mitchell Wexler   

       Episode  #63     


            Unleashing Your Human                       Potential & Flourishing                      with The Flourishing Doc                Dr Maike Neuhaus    

       Episode  #60     


          Why Spectacular Branding                      is The Secret Weapon                                 for Success with                     Vicky Winkler

       Episode  #57        


The Secrets of Scaling Your Business Using Virtual Assistants with Outsourcing Specialist Richard Phu 

       Episode  #54        


     Why Angel Employment Will            Change the  Entrepreneurial           Landscape  with the Founder of DayHustle.com,  Gianna Rahmani 

       Episode  #51        


 How To Create Success, Health, and Wealth with Melo Calarco Join David & Melo for this incredible story of discovery.       

        Episode  #48        


 Never Give Up – From The South         Bronx  to the World Stage                         The Incredible life of                   John J Giordano      

                  Episode  #45                      


  How Sami Wunder Turned Love    & Passion Into a Million Dollar    Business & Helped over 400 Couples Find Love     

                  Episode  #42                      


 Transforming  Lives, Minds and          Businesses with the Founder                & CEO of The Pillar Code               PJ Ashley    

Episode  #39   


   Overcoming Your Past &         Breaking The Victim Mentality                 with the Bipolar Rabbi,                      Rabbi Alfredo Borodowski     

Episode  #36   


     How To Build A Million Dollar Personal Brand with Jas Takhar. Join David and Jas in this  Masterclass on Personal Brand     

Episode  #33  


       The Secrets of Strategy and                     Emotional Intelligence                            (EQ)  for Success with                   Faris Aranki        

Episode  #30  


    Join this great conversation on Understanding Why People Do What They Do & The Future of Leadership with Daniel Murray      

Episode  #27


 How To Master Your Mornings &   Win Your Day With The Creator        Of  Morning Fire Methodology        Jeff Wickersham     

Episode  #24


                   Own Your Future                                         Heal Your Past                                        & Live Your Best Life                       with Kalli Fardoulis      

Episode  #21


    The Power of Masterminds: Navigating Life, Career &     Business Through  Masterminds      with David C. Lee        

Episode  #18


     Peter Baines OAM spent over 20 years as one of the world’s top  forensic investigators. His story &       triumphs are truly  inspiring.        

Episode  #15


       Secrets Of Pacing Yourself In          Business & Life  with CEO &                     Kona Ironman Triathlete              Greg Patterson.     

Episode  #12


        From Underworld Enforcer to         Transformations Leader. The                      Inspirational  Journey  of                 Mike Barrett.     

Episode  #09


       IMPACT – Life, Giving and the                Importance of Antarctica                      Andrew J. Kelly CEO                     Antarctic Science Foundation 

Ep #06


   Becoming  a Lifelong Learner &         The Importance of Coaching                         with Mastercoach                      Dr. David Moffet BDS FPFA CSP   

Ep #03


2020 Accountant of The Year             Sonia Gibson speaks about finance, fear, entrepreneurship       and so much more.  

Dreamers Believers & High Achievers Podcast with David C Lee and Raj Goodman Anand

 Episode #71 


Join David & John James Santangelo in the studio for a Masterclass on Unlocking Your Peak Performance  

Dreamers Believers & High Achievers Podcast with David C Lee and Raj Goodman Anand

  Episode #68  


Redefining Success – A Business Growth Masterclass with CEO and Founder of Goodman Lantern Raj Goodman Anand   

  Episode #65


From Pharmacist, International  Diplomat, Investment Banker, to  Tech Startup  Founder –   Mustafa Ammar’s Amazing Journey 

  Episode #62   


                 Crafting Excellence –                         Lessons From a Tech  and                   Product  Legend with         David Fradin  

  Episode #59   


Prescribing Inner Peace – A Pharmacist’s Journey into Meditation, Love, Abundance & Happiness with Sanjib Nandi 

  Episode #56 


Ambition Is The First Step Towards  Success ,  But You Need a  Strategy  –  High Performance Expert  Tiffanee Cook  

Episode #53   


 From Zero to $110 Million – How    Mental Toughness Is The Secret              To A Life Of Success with            Tony R Kitchens   

Episode #50  


How To Travel Your Life With         Purpose with Christy Nichols          the Founder and CEO of      Venture Within   

Episode #47  


  How to Harness The Power of Change and Create The Success You Deserve with Change Expert Esther De La Cruz         

Episode #44  


       Professor Selena Bartlett on                  Neuroscience, Mindset,                          Reducing Stress and                               Living a Happy Life                

Episode #41  


  How Clinical Hypnosis Helps You        Overcome Trauma, Anxiety &              Stress with Leading Clinical               Hypnotherapist  Luke Chao        

Episode #38  


      The Keys To Your Success               With HustlersGlobal Co-Founder            and Serial Entrepreneur                    Marko Stavrou            

Episode #35  


      Confessions of a Sensitive Man        Success Strategies to Harness          Your High Sensing Nature with    William Allen         

Episode #32 


  Join David as he chats with Lisa G The Business Chick In This Episode ‘How To Go From Potential to Results’       

Episode #29 


How a Start Up Failure Taught Chris Chapman How To Form Great Habits & Achieve  Goals In Life & Business  

Episode #26 


From $12 Million to $565 Million. How Master Coach Tony Gattari Disrupted An Entire Industry &  Changed Consumer Habits.    

Episode  #23


Exposed: The Mind, The Sceptic and The Professors. Our Brain Is The Only Organ That Can Study Itself,  But We Still Know So Little  

Episode  #20


It’s Not Your Fault:  Why Your Brain is Always Working To Keep You Safe With  Neuroscientist & Author Dr Hannah Korrel  

Episode  #17


Impact, Legacy & Home Efficiency Secrets To Save You Thousands with  Entrepreneur & Author   John Lynn.      

Episode  #14


  Stopping Fear From Stopping         You, With World- Renowned        Demartini  Meta  Mindset Coach              Laura Hughes              

Episode  #11


      How a Small Town Kid Rose To            The Top, Changed Lives, &                          Made Millions with                              Richard Matharoo              

Episode  #08


How  To Succeed & Experience The Power, Freedom and  Lifestyle of an e-Commerce & Online Business With  Patricia Laverty.     

Ep #05


The Art of Sales Masterclass.    With Hall of Famer – 13 times  in a row top  sales High Achiever,  Scott “Mr Sold” Gibbons  OAM 


Ep #02


 From Humble Beginnings To Top Selling Author & Entrepreneur.  Jason Gavranic joins us on the mic in this episode.   

Dreamers Believers & High Achievers Podcast Christian Boo Boucousis Afterburner

Episode #70   


The Secrets To Unleashing Your  Human Potential.  Join David and        Emmanuel Anthony in this                 extraordinary conversation          

Dreamers Believers & High Achievers Podcast Christian Boo Boucousis Afterburner

Episode #67   


From Jet Fighter Pilot to Business       Maverick:  The Remarkable                 Journey of Resilience with                  Christian ‘Boo’ Boucousis            

Episode #64    


      Understanding The Infinite                   Opportunities  Mindset                             with  Sid Mohasseb                       The Entrepreneur Philosopher  

Episode #61    


The Science of Human Connection & Creating a Brain Healthy World with Leading Neuroscientist Dr Mark Williams 

Episode #58    


Against All Odds  – The       Incredible Story of Resilience                   and Overcoming with                   dr danyelle beal     

Episode #55 from the vault    


        Impact – Life, Giving And the importance of Antarctica  with Andrew J. Kelly CEO Antarctic Science Foundation   

Episode #52    


An Angry Bear, Taming Fear & Finding Leadership with the Author of Book “Inspiration Contagion”  Holly Jean Jackson  

Episode #49    


How To Find Resilience Tenacity       &  Happiness and Never Give     Up with Award Winning   Filmmaker – Rob Dubin 

Episode #46    


Why Having an Accountability                     Partner is Crucial for                                   Success  with                      Tina  Collura    

Episode #43    


      Stop Overthinking & Start                  Building Your Personal Brand          Now – with FTGU Media              Co-Founder  Laura Stewart      

Episode #40    


How To Sleep Better &  Enhance                Your Life, Health and                                 Performance with                       Riley Jarvis     

Episode #37    


Sharing The Secrets of How To          Break Away From Corporate             and The Nine to Five with                Gavin Sequeira     

Episode #34     


          How To Optimize Your                          Learning and Thoughts                          with The Genius Maker               Lysette Offley    

Episode #31   


      This Will Change  Lives-                    The Bridge , The Stranger &             Six Million YouTube Views       with  Mark Henick    

Episode #28 


Finding Your True Purpose, Meaning and Passion. Join David & Dr Susan Nicholas MD in This Deeply Emotive Conversation       

Episode #25


In This Episode Join us for a FREE  Audio Sneak Peak Into David’s Upcoming Book “Capture Your Dreams & Smash Your Fears”    

Episode #22


   Never Say Die. One Woman’s             Incredible Story of Survival,                      Overcoming & Drive                    with Jordan Ray .  

Episode #19


Fortune Favors The Brave.        How Nathan Smith didn’t let a setback stop him but took immediate action & went all in.  

Episode #16


               A Fathers Journey –                      How a Terrible Tragedy Spurred       Justice and Social Reform with    Ken Marslew AM .  

Episode #13


         Don’t Have Enough Time?                           How To Build Success                          Through  Time Hacking.            David C. Lee  

Episode #10


Beginning Your First Steps To A New Life . How rocking  the boat  led to a life changing pivot with    Rosemary Brown  

Episode #07


 Overcoming Fear of  Failure and         Putting  Yourself  Out There.          Working on your Inner-Game   David C. Lee

Ep #04


   Entrepreneur, Coach & Author                         Shirley Campbell.                            Don’t Let Self-Doubt            Hold You Back  


Ep #01


Introducing Dreamers Believers & High Achievers with your host David C. Lee ( + Here’s What You Can Expect)   

Looking at being a guest on Dreamers Believers & High Achievers?

Send your pitch to tania@davidclee.com and we’ll have a chat.


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