It’s Not Your Fault: Why Your Brain Is Always Working   

To Keep You Safe with Neuropsychologist

& Author Dr Hannah Korrel    


My guest today is Dr Hannah Korrel. I just loved the fascinating conversation we had about our greatest gift, our brain. I just wish it came with a user’s manual as we are all still trying to work out how it works.

We dive into many of the reasons that we do what we do even when we don’t really understand why ourselves. Even today,  technology hasn’t caught up with the human brain & we are constantly discovering new and exciting things.

We speak about neuroplasticity and how we can use it to improve our mental health and how we can set new neuropathways that help us and not keep us trapped in beliefs that may not be true. Dr Hannah also explains the importance of a daily journaling practice to improve our overall mental health.   I can tell you that journaling is a very powerful tool to use and I have been journaling for years.  

Dr Hannah is both a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Registered Psychologist. She has completed over a decade of study and holds a Masters in Clinical Neuropsychology and PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Melbourne. 

Dr Hannah currently works as a senior clinical neuropsychologist for inpatients in hospital settings, and runs a private neuropsychology practice in Sydney, Australia. She also makes regular appearances in the media as the go to mental health expert.

Dr Hannah has also written a provocative, funny and brutally honest book “How To Break Up With Friends, and also has a fabulous  App available on android and apple called “Assert Yourself”.  




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Value gems from the show today 


1. Dr Hannah’s website with links to her book and App   

2. Dr Hannah’s Instagram @nobullpsych

3. Dr Hannah’s private practice

 4. Dr Hannah’s fabulous book “How To Break Up With Friends”  is available on Audible, Amazon & good bookstores. Check out your       Countries Amazon –  Audible links to download or order your copy today. 

5. Dr Hannah’s fantastic app “Assert Yourself” is available for both Apple iOS and Android                                                                                                                                                       



The Big 3 Takeaways


1. It’s not your fault. Have self compassion. The responses you are having to life’s stressors are perfectly normal.      
2. Everyone has mental health. You can either be a passenger or in the driver’s seat.         
3. Journaling is so beneficial . It connects both side of your brain and lets you have a conversation with yourself.        





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