Discover How To Find Resilience, Tenacity 

& Happiness and Never Ever Give Up        

with Award Winning Filmmaker 

Rob Dubin      



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Episode 49 Shownotes 

I have bought Rob Dubin into the studio for this episode today to dive into all things resilience happiness and survival.  Rob is an award winning film maker who has travelled the world working for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

From sailing the world for 17 years to being lost with his wife in a winter blizzard in Colorado where they were both given up for dead Rob has led an extraordinary life. After they emerged from the Colorado Blizzard having survived the ordeal the first call they got was from the President of the United States.

 The frostbite that Rob’s wife suffered led the doctors to announce that they would have to amputate her feet and most of her fingers. They refused to sign the papers for the surgery and instead  focused instead on a full recovery,

 Using many of the techniques learned  from their studies with Tony Robbins they focused first in their minds of creating a compelling future, and then set about making it a reality

Today Rob is a professional speaker and coach, and I can not wait to share this amazing conversation with you.     






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Value gems from the show today         

The 3 Big Takeaways  


 1. In psychology there are two popular conceptions  of happiness, Hedonic and Eudaimonic. Hedonic comes through experiences of                        pleasure and enjoyment whilst Eudaimonic happiness comes from meaning and purpose   

2.  You get what you focus on      

3. All of the magic comes from outside of your comfort zone. Rob teaches dream harvesting where he helps people make their dreams a               reality    





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