How Sami Wunder Turned Love & Passion    

    Into a Multi Million Dollar Business

& Helped Over 400 Couples Find Love   



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Episode 45 Shownotes 

Sami Wunder is a leading international dating and relationship coach who specializes in helping high achieving women attract and keep romantic love. Her comprehensive approach shows her clients how to embrace strong relationship boundaries, whilst harnessing their feminine energy. 

Sami founded her multi seven-figure relationship brand after exiting a successful career as a gold medallist economist with a Masters in Public Policy. Since then, she has improved the love lives of thousands of women including celebrities, senior executives and entrepreneurs in over 55 countries across the globe. Her expertise has been featured on media outlets including Forbes, Glamour, TIME, Marie Claire, Business Insider and the BBC. 

Sami lives in Germany with her adoring husband and their two boys.  


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The 3 Big Takeaways  


 1. Don’t put off your love and relationships until you have achieved you business goals.  A fulfilling  love life enhances your business success and makes you happier and more productive.

2.  Successful woman often struggle with love and relationships because they unconsciously use the same strategies that gave them huge success in business and their careers. They need a different approach when it comes to love .   

3. Challenge you limiting beliefs about men. Look at your upbringing, your experiences. Your masculine energy serves you well in your  business and career but may be holding you back from finding the man of your dreams.   





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