Crafting Excellence-   

Lessons From a Tech and Product Legend      

    with David Fradin        



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Episode 62 Shownotes 


Welcome back high achievers, innovators, entrepreneurs & curious minds, to another captivating episode of Dreamers Believers & High Achievers. 


Today we are in for a treat as we sit down with a true legend in the IT world, and someone whose experience in building successful products spans over half a century.


I have joining me in the studio David Fradin, a seasoned expert whose journey through the tech landscape began way back in 1969 at iconic organizations like Hewlett Packard & Apple. In fact, he was at the same management level as none other than Steve Jobs himself.


David’s wealth of knowledge isn’t just historical; he continues to shape the tech and management industry through his professional  development company, Spice Catalyst. 


From crafting insanely great products to mastering the intricacies of product development and marketing, David has left an indelible mark on countless managers worldwide. With a staggering portfolio of 75 products and services and 11 startups, his insights are a treasure trove of wisdom. 


But that’s not all – David is also an accomplished author, with three fabulous books under his belt: “Building Insanely Great Products,” Organizing and Marketing Insanely Great Products.” and “Successful Product and Design Management.” 


So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on a conversation with a true tech and product luminary.


You won’t want to miss a moment of this very special episode.





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The 3 Big Takeaways  


1. Building and launching a successful product is a process that is repeatable      

2. Values – Make sure that a companies values map into your own values to ensure a happy and successful worklife   

3. Honesty is the best policy. Be honest with your customers, Joint Venture  partners, fellow employees & prospective customers.                           Demonstrate integrity     



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