“From Zero to $110 Million- Why Mental     

Toughness Is The Secret To A Life Of Success

with Tony R Kitchens          



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Episode 53  Shownotes 


I was so pumped to have Tony R. Kitchens in the studio with me today.


Tony is an Entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and speaker who believes in helping others succeed in business and in life through trusted counsel, clarity and accountability.


Tony came from humble beginnings on Chicago’s  Southside but he has created his own success and founded and grown several companies to revenues of more than $110 Million dollars.


Today Tony lives near Atlanta Georgia  and is loving every minute of what he calls the pay it forward chapter of his life, and he sure did pay it forward with the incredible knowledge and experience that he so openly shared in our conversation.


I felt honored to have this incredible man share his vast knowledge that he has gotten from the trenches of entrepreneurship.  


 Tony believes that success is a mindset more than a destination and helps his many clients tackle what is standing in their way.







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Value gems from the show today         

1. Tony’s Book where he shares his life experiences “The Gift of Pain”    www.giftofpainbook.com

2. Live & Business Strategies https://www.tonyrkitchens.com/programs

3. Motivational Speaking Events https://www.tonyrkitchens.com/book-tony-to-speak

4. Online Business Courses https://academy.tonyrkitchens.com/p/how-to-win-in-business-before-you-even-start

5. Tony’s YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/@tonykitchens

6. Tony’s Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/tony-r-kitchens-466778209/



The 3 Big Takeaways  


1. The unpredictably of business is something that you never get used to, but you have to learn to manage it.   

2. You have to be prepared that whatever you knew yesterday could be irrelevant today. You have to become a student of business & entrepreneurship, always be looking for that next piece of information.      

3. Successful people have a hunger to learn more & be better than they are today.  Keep those people in your circle as much a s you can.  



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