“How Fortune Favors The Brave”  

With Nathan Smith   



Nathan Smith was on a high. At 21 he was recognized & rewarded as being in the top 10 young achievers in his extremely competitive industry. 

Then 2 weeks before Christmas, with two young children & one on the way, he was given the news that he was being made redundant. He looked at his situation and with the encouragement of his wife, took immediate action. Action that would change his future.  

Nathan is a proud family man with 3 kids and is an entrepreneur who runs two highly successful businesses where he leads a multi-award-winning team. He also sits on the board of a charity, is a book author and also a fellow podcast host.

Nathan believes that with grit, hard work and the right mindset anything is possible.

I had an amazing conversation with Nathan where he shared his philosophy on business and life. He revealed many value gems that you can easily implement right now.    


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The Big 3 Takeaways


1. Don’t die wondering. Go all in on your dreams.     
2. When fear strikes you take action, don’t back off.        
3. Always be willing to pivot and adapt to changing situations.      





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