How To Create Success, Health, and Wealth 

   With Melo Calarco        



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Episode 51 Shownotes 

On this episode of the podcast I have on the mic high performance coach and speaker Melo Calarco.


 Melo has cycled, trekked and travelled over 30,000 klms around the planet on his mountain bike. He has travelled throughout Africa, Asia, India, Europe and North America and along his travels, as you could imagine, a lone man on a mountain bike,  Melo had to overcome many dangerous and near death experiences.


 Melo also immersed himself in the mediative and spiritual practices from the remote corners of the world. He now shares those experiences and learnings in his professional role as a certified performance coach and mindfulness facilitator with corporate CEOs, managers, and directors of large companies, as well as sporting professionals, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and individuals who want to be the absolute best of their craft.


 I am sure you are going to get so much from our chat and Melo has a very special offer for you at the end of the interview.


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Value gems from the show today         

The 3 Big Takeaways  


1. Face your fears and turn towards them. Then ask yourself what is it that I am afraid of?  

2. Get in early and guard your time. Schedule time for yourself to look after your physical and mental health.  Ask what have you done for           yourself today   

3. Melo interviewed close to 200 high achievers who shared their wisdom for his book Beating Burnout – Finding Balance





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