Confessions of a Sensitive Man   

Success Strategies to Harness Your High Sensing Nature 

with William Allen       




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Episode 35 Shownotes 


In the studio for this episode of Dreamers Believers & High Achievers I have William Allen.

William is the author of two highly successful books, “On Being a Sensitive Man, Success Strategies to Harness Your High Sensing Nature” and “Confessions of a Sensitive Man, An Unconventional Defence of Sensitive Men”.

William is a retired IT corporate executive and former owner of a hypno-coaching and neurofeedback brain training business. William continues to educate and speak on the topic of male sensitivity and HSP Men. He also hosts an HSP men’s monthly zoom meeting where men from around the world gather to discuss their ideas and experiences.  

 Dr Elaine Aron begun studying the innate temperament trait of high sensitivity in 1991 and has a large body of work focusing of HSP.  She has also formulated a HSP self test of which there is a link below.  


I found this episode fascinating and thought provoking. I hope you enjoy our conversation about Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)   








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The Main Takeaways  


There are four main characteristics of a HSP which can be rememberd by DOES  

1. D – for depth of processing. HSP’s tend to be deep thinkers.   
2. O – for overwhelm or overstimulation. HSP’s tend to take in more information about what is happening in their environment which can                   lead to overwhelm.       
3. E – for emotional reactivity. HSP’s tend to process and react more deeply to a situation. They are normally very empathetic people. 

4. S – for sensing the subtle. HSP’s tend to pick up sensory cures more than most people. They can also pick up strong flavors in food, loud                noises and strong aromas.  It appears that HSP characteristics are strongly genetic. 





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