“The Power of Masterminds”  

Navigating Life, Business & Career Through Masterminds

With David C. Lee   


Episode 21 Shownotes 

I often get asked, David, besides coaching, what is one practice or strategy that you think is so important for success?

Now as most people know I just love investing in myself and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on self-education as well as formal education.

Success is all about leveraging other peoples knowledge and experience so we don’t have to make the same mistake they have, we learn from their  experiences. 

In this episode I want answer the question so let’s talk about Masterminds.

The idea of Masterminds was made popular by Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, and The Law of Success. He defines a mastermind group as “A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.”

Using the famous Jim Rohn quote, “You are the average of the five people you spend most time with” you can see how this applies to a Mastermind. You are tremendously influenced by your inner circle. 

Masterminds are an ideal way for likeminded people to attain accelerated growth in all aspects of life, business and also build strong networks.

I have been in paid and also peer to peer mastermind for a while now.

Yes, I was happy to pay for friends in paid masterminds and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The benefits are just huge in so many ways. It gets you access to people that you otherwise would not get access to you. We all know the saying “Your Network is your Networth”

Being part of a mastermind brings with is an incredible amount of accountability. You can be sure that when you have a bunch of other people waiting for you to report on your promised actions that you actually get them done.

Grab a pen and paper and get ready to learn the power of a Mastermind. 


Capture You Dreams and Smash Your Fears

My latest book “Capture You Dreams and Smash Your Fears” is almost ready to be published. It’s going to be released in paperback, kindle and also  Audiobook format

 It was during the severe Covid 19 lockdowns when I thought to myself this is the perfect time to get this book done. Covid 19 was tough for every one.

People were seeing their dreams escaping and there was so much fear across the world. 

That’s when the title “Capture Your Dreams and Smash Your Fears”  struck me, People need to capture their dreams and hold onto them tightly. When in times of adversity people let go of their dreams and they float off never to be seen again.

Fear at the time was huge and as humans we have an inbuilt tendency for fear even if its irrational fear. Even at the best of times fear will keep us small and safe. We all know that nothing is really achieved in our comfort zone.






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The Big 3 Takeaways


1. Pay for friends- Yes joining a paid Mastermind will fast track you success to the Moon  
2. Being part of a  Mastermind is like having your own Board of Directors or Advisors
3. Masterminds give you the opportunity to surround yourself with driven people                                                                                                                           where you share your knowledge, network and success      





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