How To Build A Million Dollar Personal Brand   

with Jas Takhar        




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Jas Episode 36 Shownotes 

I am absolutely pumped to have in the studio with me today Toronto native, Jas Takhar.  

Jas has been in the sales and service industry for over 26 years.

Soon after deciding to try his hand in real estate, he founded REC Canada under Royal LePage, and for over 5 years has successfully kept his team top 3 in the country.   

With 50 realtors and 11 support staff, the team advises and assists over 625 buyers, sellers and investors, yearly, across the Greater Toronto Area, resulting in a total of over $2.1B in transactions. Jas’ area of expertise is in helping investors build out their real estate portfolios.

Wanting to share his knowledge and experience with the masses, he wrote a book titled, Real Estate Intelligence, which teaches anyone how to buy or sell real estate on their own.

Furthering his pursuit to educate and motivate, Jas contacted serial entrepreneur & content creator Gary Vaynerchuk & dove in and developed his own love of content creation.

Jas now hosts one of the top business podcasts in North America – The Jas Takhar Podcast – but also founded his own media company, From The Ground Up Media where he helps other real estate agents & entrepreneurs produce quality content.

 Grab you pad and two pens (one won’t be enough) & get ready for a Masterclass on life, real estate, entrepreneurship, and content creation. 








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The 3 Big Takeaways  


1. If you want more in your life rejection and failure is part of the process    
2.  Working hard and working smart is the secret sauce for success. Take action daily to build you personal brand through quality content      
3. RFA Ready Fire Aim not Ready Aim Fire. Pull the trigger often and take massive action on a daily basis  






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