Unleashing Your Human Potential 

and Flourishing with The Flourishing Doc –

Dr Maike Neuhaus  



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Episode 63 Shownotes 


Welcome to this episode of Dreamers Believers & High Achievers. In this episode I was privileged to be joined by the visionary founder of The Flourishing Doc – Dr. Maike Neuhaus.

Dr Maike  is an accomplished psychologist, educator, and researcher who is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations tap into their true potential and make a positive impact. Dr Maike combines her strong academic background with an engaging and down to earth approach. 

From her insights into self-leadership,  to her exploration of the “switch” that transforms lives, this conversation promises to be a thought provoking journey.


Episode Highlights 

Dr Maike shares her personal journey, starting from a young age, when she was captivated by the disparities between people who thrived and those that seemed perpetually stuck. Her fascination with the regrets of adults and their multitude of excuses ignited her passion for understanding the dynamics of human flourishing

One of Dr Maike’s intriguing focal points is the transformation that occurs in individuals who have had near-death experiences.  She discusses the sudden change, a metaphorical “switch” that flips within them, propelling them to lead courageous and fulfilling lives.  Dr Maike seeks to unravel this phenomenon without the necessity of a traumatic event, aiming to inspire and empower others to live authentically. 

So, as you sit back and reflect on this conversation, remember that the power to flourish resides with you. It’s time to take the first step toward a life of authenticity, fulfillment and impactful living.






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The 3 Big Takeaways  


1. Humans need joy in life, a feeling of meaning, that we live our purpose and we need deep connection with ourselves & our community             for the greater good.      

2. Don’t live a life of not trying something, not doing something & not even having the courage to try something.    

3. Don’t label emotions like a mid life crises and something you need to get rid of but embrace it as an opportunity for change.   



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