How A Small Town Kid Rose To The Top,

Changed Lives & Made Millions .  

with Richard Matharoo      

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I loved having family man and entrepreneur Richard Matheroo in the studio for this episode of Dreamers Believers & High Achievers. Richard went from nearly losing his home and financial ruin to multiple 6 figure businesses & helping his many clients achieve success.  

Richard explains how he overcame past failures and struggles. He tells how he experienced a phenomenal 328 rejections before he got a yes. Most people would have given up after the first 5 or 6. 

Richard utilizes modern strategies to gain enormous success in a long established industry. 

His story of how a small town kid rose up to change lives,  make millions and how he helps his many clients make millions is inspiring. Richard loves to share inspirational and practical tactics others can use to fulfill their potential, no matter their industry. 

I was taking copious notes during our chat as Richard dropped so much wisdom. 

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed making it.  







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Value gems from the show today 


1. Richard’s website with so much actionable resources  

2. Richard’s Facebook Page




The Big 3 Takeaways


1. The Power Of Persistence. Richard experienced 328 rejections before receiving a YES.  
2. Identify, adapt and utilize successful strategies from other industries to yours.    
3. Your future is up to you. You must work on your mindset and beliefs.     





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