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About The Book

It was during the severe Covid 19 lockdowns that I thought this is the perfect time to write this book.

Covid 19 was tough for every one.

People were seeing their dreams escaping and there was so much fear across the world. Tragically some people lost their lives. 

That’s when the title “Capture Your Dreams and Smash Your Fears”  struck me, People need to capture their dreams and hold onto them tightly. When in times of adversity people let go of their dreams and they float off never to be seen again.

Fear at the time was huge and as humans we have an inbuilt tendency for fear even if it’s irrational fear.

Even at the best of times fear will keep us small and safe. We all know that nothing is really achieved in our comfort zone.

This book cuts to the chase on the mastery of life. In it David C. Lee will challenge your thoughts and you will discover how to simply 

Rediscover your self-esteem and belief in yourself

– We all know we have something more inside of us. 

– Harness the fear and power of change 

– Achieve more, earn more and be more in all aspects of life

– Put failure in its place & how to use it to propel you towards your dreams

– Discover what success truly means to you






David C. Lee has spent over three decades leading & bringing the best out in people. A veteran of covert ops and decorated during his service, David delivers proven strategies that have been tested tactically in business and in life. Whether in the boardroom, loungeroom or in your community, this book is a must read for anyone wanting success in life. 

What’s inside



All Journeys Start With The First Step



The Setbacks, Hurdles & Roadblocks 



18 Chapters of proven strategies to help you achieve greatness. 



The Journey                                



Creating The Best You


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"Capture Your Dreams & Smash Your Fears simply is brilliant. It gets down to what it takes to be successful and flourish in life. David spells out the roadmap to achievement in a simple easy to follow way. Great read!"

Joshua Reynolds 

"David C. Lee is full of courage, full of wisdom, full of faith. He is an inspirational story, David C. Lee will change your life"

Pat Mesiti 

"David C. Lee has written a must read called Capture Your Dreams & Smash Your Fears. Read this book and learn from one of the best"

Tamara  Sheedy 

About the author.

David C. Lee is a coach, author, entrepreneur & speaker who has honed his skills as a operator, motivator, mentor and coach in a thirty year plus career in business, police, military & paramilitary organisations. He has built & managed million dollar businesses, has had his feet on the ground in many many high risk situations & has helped countless people move through their own fears and doubts.

David has worked with numerous organisations & individuals and drills down to the core issues of what holds an organisation or individual back. He has been to some of the most darkest and scariest places both physically & emotionally and uses those experiences to help his many clients.   

 David is no stranger to adversity and his comeback story is one of true inspiration. David lost one of his closest friends & work colleagues in a firefight during his service & also lost two other friends in a similar way.

Decorated on several occasions during his service, David was diagnosed with Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the cumulative trauma from his service in 2010.

In 2012 he was disengaged from the services with numerous doctors diagnosing David’s Chronic PTSD and found that “the likelihood of him returning to any form of meaningful employment unlikely and sadly, his prognosis is very guarded in that he is likely to remain a man continually troubled by the aftermath of his trauma exposure for many years to come”.  

David then set about rebuilding his life using many of the strategies he now teaches.  David’s physical and mental suffering were a journey of self discovery and he has come though a much stronger and better man.



Dreamers Believers & High Achievers Podcast 

Each episode  David C. Lee dives in with some of the worlds  most incredible entrepreneurs, thought leaders & ordinary people doing extraordinary  things everyday….

They share their wins, their struggles, their fascinating journey and how they keep their focus and mindset on their ultimate goals.

         It’s an inside look at their lives as they  reveal some of the strategies                                                 & hacks that keep them at the top of their game.                                     The exact same strategies that you can implement in your life.

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