How To Succeed & Experience The Power, Freedom 

and Lifestyle of an e-commerce & online  

Business, With  Internationally Renowned Expert 

Patricia Laverty    

Have you ever wondered how some people get to experience living life on their own terms?  Of not being tied to a 9 to 5 job, having the freedom to work when they want, from where they want to and be their own boss. If so, this episode is a must listen to. 


Online and e-commerce expert Patricia Laverty joins us on the mic as we dive into how easy it really is to start an e-commerce business.   Patricia takes us back in time to how a very one sided business venture was the beginning of her entrepreneurial  journey & how a negative situation turned into a positive. 


Patricia lets us in on many of the secrets she uses & currently teachers to her many students in her coaching business. She also tells us of being a life long learner and the importance of having mentors in your life. 


Patricia keeps dropping value gems thought out this episode on life, business & success. 


 Hit the play button and learn from one of the best on e-commerce and online business. .  



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Value gems from the show today 


2. Patricia’s gift to to you, FREE eBook – The 5 Secrets to generating $5K per month with Spotify. Click HERE to download.   
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The Big 3 Takeaways


1. Invest in yourself & your continuing education with coaches & mentors. You can’t do it on your own .  
2. Procrastination is the #1 killer of success.   
3. You have to back yourself, it’s up to you.   





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