Beginning Your First Steps To A New Life.  

with Rosemary Brown     

Rosemary Brown has been working with those suffering from addiction  and their families for over 20 years. She drills down into her own life experience to help those impacted by addiction.


Rosemary’s approach is different from the traditional path to recovery and is very much a personal one. She helps people to develop a strong sense of self and what is right for them.  


In this episode we talk of Rosemary’s journey from her own battle with addiction, to the corporate world &  to where she is now,  helping many overcome their own addictions in life.


Even if your life is not impacted by addiction, Rosemary touches on many point applicable to everyday life. 







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Value gems from the show today 


1. Rosemary’s website & link to 30 minute discovery call  

2. Rosemary’s Facebook Page

3. Rosemary’s Facebook Public Group

4. Rosemary’s email address                                                                                                                                                                                                     



The Big 3 Takeaways


1. Addiction doesn’t discriminate by race, income, or social standing.  
2. Most people will do what’s easiest not what’s right.    
3. If you don’t rock the boat nothing changes.    





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