Stopping Fear From Stopping You 

With Meta Mindset Coach.  

Laura Hughes      

In this episode I’m joined in the studio by Mindset Coach Laura Hughes who shares some incredible content around all things mindset.

Laura is a world-renowned Meta Mindset Coach & is one of only a few Master Certified Demartini Facilitators in the world.

Laura has been an avid student of Dr. John Demartini and has been studying with the Demartini institute for the last 17 years, focusing in the areas of physics, biology, physiology, psychology, philosophy, and theology in relation to the application of the Demartini Method®, the mind body connection and the driving force of human behaviour.

Laura assists clients to expand and grow in all 7 areas of life –

Spiritual Quest and Purpose, Mental Knowledge & Understanding, Vocational Vision & Fulfilment, Financial Independence and self-sufficiency, Family & Relationship Connection, Social Power & Influence and Physical Wellness & Vitality.

Integral to her coaching is to assist the individual to open up to becoming their own authority, and having an authentic, congruent and purposeful life.

 I got so much out of our chat and I am sure you will as well.





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The Big 3 Takeaways


1. Stored emotions directly effect your physiology.  
2. It is not about controlling fear but collapsing fear.      
3. Fear is the assumption that something in the future is going to give your more pain than pleasure.     





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