Sharing The Secrets of How To Break Away 

From Corporate & The Nine to Five   

with Gavin Sequeira         




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Episode 37 Shownotes 

So many people want to break away from corporate and the 9 to 5 but just don’t know how to make the leap of faith.

In this episode I have bought Gavin Sequeira into the Dreamers Believers & High Achievers Studio and loved our conversation on how to break away from corporate and work and live on your own terms.  

Gavin is an advocate for resilience and change, having lived in a war-torn country, and escaping religious persecution growing up. Post migration to Australia and with 10+ years in the corporate world working for tech giants IBM and Oracle, Gavin was made redundant overnight, catapulting his spiritual and entrepreneurial journey.

Today, Gavin lives his mission empowering entrepreneurs to work ‘smarter’ not harder using a combination of intuition coupled with the right systems and skills. Gavin is a regular guest speaker, author, and hosts his very own podcast show.

He has been featured on Sky News Business, Huffington Post, Success Magazine, including leading newspapers and radio stations. 

I hope you enjoy the many value gems and takeaways that Gavin shared  throughout the episode,

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Value gems from the show today 


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The 3 Big Takeaways  


1. It’s vitally important to be able to make an income on your terms & not someone else’s as they can pull the rug out at anytime     
2. You can move really fast by doing a few things really well rather than doing many things at 50%      
3. Associate with people on the same journey who are slightly ahead and get a great coach/mentor   






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