Success Strategy Program

Success Strategy Program

The Success Strategy Program is a unique 8 Module Program which contains many of the proven strategies utilised by elite Military, Paramilitary & Police units worldwide.  The Success Strategy Program is your Super Success System to unlocking the door to your success in business, leadership and life. .  In this program David equips you with the most cutting edge strategies, sharing with you proven methods that work time and again to attain whatever goals you have in life. At the end of the program, you’ll walk away with an action plan you can put into use immediately. It is the same strategies that David used through his career in the services, business, sport and it contains many of the strategies he used in his inspirational comeback from PTSD.


> How to set clear attainable goals & the strategies to ACHIEVE them.

> The secrets to banish fear and negative behaviors FOREVER.

> How to get rid of your To Do List & replace it with life changing strategies.

>  Learn the SECRETS used by some of the most phenomenal achievers in the             world.

> Discover why your brain was designed for fear and what YOU can do about it.


Module 1.

Introduction/History of SMEAC

In Module 1 we introduce the history of SMEAC and the overwhelming benefits that the SMEAC plan can have in all areas of your life. Here you will learn how I introduced and fine tuned SMEAC to guide in building a business that went from a $5,000 start-up to turning over in excess of $1,000,000.00 in three short years. How I strategically rebuilt my life to what I am today. You will begin to learn the secrets & strategies that you too can use to do the same.

Module 2.

Define Your Situation (Situation)

You have to define where you are at the moment. You have to have a start point to begin your journey. By defining your situation you will be able plan your journey.  We all want quick results and with the Success Strategy Program you will be able to get to where YOU want, faster and with less effort.

Module 3.

Look to the Path Ahead (Mission)

Dreams are the very fabric of the human existance. Whatever your dreams are this is where you begin to realise them. This is where you plan your mission to achieving the life you have always wanted, where you begin to turn your dreams into reality.

Module 4.

Plan Your Future (Execution)

This is where the committed few dare to plan out their roadmap to bring abundance to all aspects of their daily lives. After all if you fail to plan you are planning to fail.

Module 5.

Implement The Plan (Administration)

You have planned your future and now is the time to sow the seed, to rocket yourself towards your goals. Is it a home by the sea, helping the needy, living overseas for three to six months, a nice car or a nice boat, helping your children, getting a degree, whatever YOUR goals are . This is where we implement your blueprint for success.

Module 6.

Review And Accountability (Command)

The secret to achieving anything extraordinary is to review your progress and  be accountable.  By this time in the program you would have learnt how to eradicate your fears and concentrate on your future potential, instead of your past limitations.

Module 7.

Mental Toughness.

What is it that powers a man or a woman to achieve the extraordinary? Here you will learn the powerful secrets behind the mental toughness techniques taught to elite Special Operations and Covert Operators as well as successful sports and business people. Here I will share with you the  techniques that helped me rebuild my life from a burnt our wreck into what I am today. You will learn techniques that will enable YOU to achieve in whatever field you chose, the secrets of avoiding burnout, stress and enabling you to live an extraordinary life.  

Modue 8.

Toolbox of Success.

Here is your Toolbox of Success, all the knowledge in the world won’t get you to your Magnificent Life without the tools to use along the way. You will recieve the printouts, reminders and excercises that will propel you towards your destiny. Its is a fasttrack to success and so you won’t be reinventing the wheel along the way and wasting prescious time and effort.

Investment $2,397


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