Honor and Conviction.

I’ve learned in life that whatever I value I will honor. I’ve also learned to place great value in my convictions.

It is interesting that one kilogram of dirt and one kilogram of diamonds weighs the same, but one is of a much greater value. Decide in your life what is dirt and what is diamonds and live towards that.

The Beginning Of An Ideology.

A young Jewish boy grew up in Germany many years ago. He greatly admired and loved his father, in part because he felt his father had a great love for his religion and its principles. Every week the boy’s father took his family to the synagogue and they also got together and had dinner every Friday for Shabbat.

A few years later when the boy was a teenager his family was forced to move to another area with no synagogue, only a Lutheran church. All the successful, affluent, and influential people in the new area belonged to it.

Suddenly, the boy’s father announced that his family was going to become Lutheran because it would be good for business. The young man became very angry, very bewildered, and very disillusioned at his father’s decision.

He later left Germany and went to England to study. Each day he could be found at the British Museum. The young man began to formulate ideas and strategies which he eventually developed into a book. He introduced this book with its radical worldviews and suddenly a movement was conceived that eventually brought misery to countless millions. His ideologies became the norm for many governments around the world.

This boy’s name was Karl Marx. In essence, world history was altered by a father who sold out principles for money, and conviction for convenience. There has been a plethora of different academic papers, discussions, and theories about Marxism, but that is for another day.

Stand By Your Convictions

Always understand that the greatest thing you have going for you is your convictions.

Unfortunately, I once compromised my convictions in an area of my life, and I paid a heavy price. A price that I continue to pay today.

It was a tough lesson to learn, but I have learned from that mistake. I have learned to value my convictions and stand by them. There is no doubting that my life would be vastly different than what it is today. It also taught me that many people talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk as the saying goes.

You don’t have to make the same mistake. When you try to live for convenience, you pay a price that is often very painful. Make sure that your life is founded on convictions, deeply rooted convictions.

Let your business or career be a conviction, let your financial prosperity be a conviction, let your values be a conviction to you.

Don’t compromise them. It is better to have them and be wrong in the eyes of many than to not have them at all.

I believe that a man or a woman without convictions will always be unstable in life and be able to be swayed easily. I am inspired by many people I see both around me and in the world at large who stand by their convictions. Many don’t share the same beliefs but I can still admire their conviction.   Make sure you never compromise yours and keep them close to you.

Make a list today of some convictions in your life.

Here are some of mine:

• I am absolutely convinced that I can change people’s lives for the better.

• I am absolutely convinced that I should prosper.

• I am absolutely convinced that my business dealings will be successful.

• I hold loyalty, respect & staunchness as my guiding principles.

Be Great