Big Thought + Big Implementation + Big Learning = Success

To be a success in most cases you have to be a big thinker, stretching beyond your limitations. You need to be an action taker.

Seeing the big picture is a constant priority for anyone wanting success.

Without big thinking, we make very little progress. It is important to understand that each small step is the result of one big thought.

How we think is also important in developing the actions of an organization

The big thinker sees the future as better than the present.

As a big thinker, you will see the positive where the negative dwells;

You will see opportunity where other people see problems;

You will see beauty in the midst of great ugliness;

You will find answers when other people seek only to question;

You will look for solutions where others point the finger of blame;

You will see potential in other people that they don’t see themselves.

These attitudes are at the core of thinking big.

Thinking Big Creates Purpose – Set Yourself Up

People are influenced greatly by their environment, so it only makes sense to make yours as productive as possible.

Triggers has become the latest buzzword and, as someone who suffers from PTSD, I know all about triggers.

But “triggers” really doesn’t need to be a dirty word.

You can have triggers around you to remind you how good you really are and of the goals that you will accomplish.

Now, what do I mean when I say “good triggers”?

 I mean photos, words, stories and people that inspire you.

Don’t forget to add thigs that remind you of your past achievements and place them in areas where you will notice them.

Next to your computer, in your bathroom, anywhere where they are a constant reminder of what you want to achieve.

Some examples of good mental triggers are photos of you receiving awards, the type of house you will live in.

The type of car you will drive.

Copies of any degrees you may have.

Photos of leaders in your field or historical figures you look up to.

It is a necessity to use these techniques to keep us on track. Life gets busy and stressful, so it’s imperative we have these reminders around us.

Even if you don’t recognise it all the time, these reminders will subconsciously set you on the right path.

Next time you are in the homes or offices of high achievers, have a look around and notice the items they have set up to keep themselves focused.  It really does work.

Beyond Imagination to Faith

It requires a big leap of faith to follow your dreams and put yourself out there.

Friends, family and colleagues will probably not all support or encourage you in your dreams, but don’t let that hold you back.

You will experience imposter syndrome where you will question your own ability and capabilities.

You will ask, who am I to be an expert in my field, who are you not to.

Beware of dream stealers, they are everywhere.

Shut them out, pay them no attention and follow your dreams. They have obviously given up on theirs

A  high achiever will capture a vision for themselves and those close to them, they will put it into action and inspire people to rise up in faith to accomplish the mission.

Big thinkers have faith in people, faith in themselves, faith in their mission and faith in their community.

In fact so many big thinkers, high achievers and especially entrepreneurs do not watch the news or read the news publications.  They know that the negativity can affect their goals and life.

The Problem with Assumptions

Big thinkers understand wrong assumptions are at the centre of bad decisions, wrong relationships and malfunctioning systems and people.

We must guard against ever building on assumptions.

Always check and double check assumptions. After all, assumptions are just what they are called—assumptions!

Some of the most tragic and horrific examples of the problem with assumptions is in Law Enforcement and Military

There are so many cases of assumptions causing regrettable and preventable tragedies. These instances range from early roman days to  present day conflicts.

Robert MacNamara’s book about The Vietnam War, In Retrospect, is a lesson in the nightmares of leadership.

The premise of the book is that many of the decisions that promoted the Vietnam conflict were based on wrong assumptions. Some say the same in relation to the Iraq conflict.

Look at some of the assumptions from later day Middle East conflicts in general.

I remember watching a movie in which someone asked what happens when you assume too much. The reply was poignant: You make an ASS out of U and ME.

Tips on Becoming a Big Thinker

  • Always look on the bright side of life.
  • Keep the big picture in focus.
  • When in doubt, only believe.
  • Understand that things are never as bad as they seem. (They may be worse, but never as bad! Always keep your sense of humour.)
  • Every day brings another opportunity.
  • Keep your vision simple.
  • Never base decisions on assumptions.
  • Don’t look at how things were, always look at how they can be.
  • Build a think-tank of big thinkers. Join a Mastermind even if is costs money as an investment it will be worth it to have incredible people to bounce ideas off. I always refer to the Jim Rohn quote of “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”

Be a risk-taker and imagine what can be done if you just believe.


 You are going to be thinking anyway so you may as well think big thoughts.

What have you got to lose but limiting thoughts and maybe the opportunity to change your life forever.

You’ve got this.