How Connections Change Your Life.

People are the connection to your future. It is just amazing that when you help others achieve their goals, more than likely you end up closer to achieving your own goals.

Excuse the play on words but there is a connection here… people helping each other. It’s called ‘networking’. I have often heard people say, ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” and “your net worth is your network”

Metcalf’s Law

In technology, networks hold inherent value in relation to the number of users in the network. Cryptocurrency, telecommunication are prime examples of this, and this is referred to as Metcalf’s Law.

To simplify Metcalf’s Law, it is a network’s value is proportionate to the square of the number of nodes (users, servers, computers) in the network.

To explain further, if a network has 10 users, then the value is 10 x 10 = 100. But the really interesting part is that if you add one more to the network the value then becomes 121. Add another it becomes 144. All this results to non-linear exponential growth.

Learn To Model

Look at wealthy and successful people and the one thing they have is a great network. Now I’m not talking about just a bunch of friends. I’m talking about people who support them, people they can bounce ideas off, people that can introduce them to others on the same journey.

When you want to improve your life substantially look at what the top performers are doing. Look at how they run their businesses, how they live their lives, and what their mindset is.

Now there is no guessing who the successful people network with………… one another.

I have learned so much by networking with people so much more successful than I am. I don’t get envious or jealous of their success I want more success for them and also my friends and clients. It’s one of the reasons that I continue to pay substantial amounts to be in certain mastermind groups. I know the value of being part of a great network.

The undiscovered

It’s a sad fact that many people with brilliant gifts and talents don’t always get to fully realize their potential, they remain hidden and undiscovered. There are people with incredible singing voices, sometimes far better than many of our current stars, and yet they never achieve their goals. Why? Often, it’s because they weren’t connected with others who could have helped them realize their dreams. They didn’t have the connections

It’s all about connections. I have learned that if you want to grow in your life, you have got to stay connected.

The Grand Oak Tree

Success in life is a bit like an oak tree. It needs to be connected to the soil for it to grow healthy and strong.

It can only grow to its full potential if it remains connected to the soil because soil provides it with stability, water, and nutrients. If it is in good soil with plenty of nutrients and a strong base & plenty of water it will keep growing strong and stable for decades. If the soil is of poor quality and water is scarce it will live a shallow and stunted life and not grow to its full potential.

Just like the oak tree, we need certain elements to grow. We need support, mentoring, inclusion, insight & inspiration on products, strategies, services, staff, relationships, technology etc … we need to stay connected to grow.

You might feel your life is surrounded by fertilizer right now. You might think your life stinks. But even during these times, you need to stay connected, to move through the natural seasons of life – including the discomfort.

You have to stay connected with the right people in the right environment – the right soil – and once you have moved on, you won’t remember the stench of the fertilizer. Instead, you will savor the sweet smell of success… if you stay connected.

I have been privileged to work alongside and meet a few gifted people who have helped me grow.  Others I have actively sought out due to their knowledge and success. I am also honored to call them my friends. My future depends on connecting with a few more people like that.

I have also been honored to meet and speak with some fabulous people through my Podcast, Dreamers Believers & High Achievers. Every time I interview a new guest, I learn something from them. I feel so blessed to be able to share their stories with other people so we all can learn.


In life, if you want to be successful and grow, you all must learn to give yourself to others, to serve others, to honor others.

Throughout life people whom you truly connect with will be few, but these few connections will cause a ripple effect. Like a pebble thrown in a pond, your future will affect some people, and through them many others.

I love the ripple effect.

Live life