How dare you give up. There are people in this world right now who want to live longer……………. BUT CAN’T

All the battles of life are waged within ourselves, it is not the world’s responsibility to build you up…… it’s up to you.

As Elon Musk said, ‘Never give up. Never surrender. Always press forward. Keep moving forward. Don’t wait around for tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come. Press onward. Forward into the unknown. Into uncharted territory. ‘

Sheldon Kopps said, All the significant battles are waged within the self.’

Just think about this.  Before anything ever materializes in your life, it generally happens in your mind first.

Under Construction.

Our insecurities come from the inside and often manifest themselves on the outside, perhaps in shyness, aggression, or even in false confidence. A persona of false confidence to make up for our true lack of confidence.

I heard someone once say that talent is God-given, so be humble; fame is man-given, be thankful; conceit is self-given, be careful.

Unfortunately, many people look at their failures as not just an event but their life journey set in stone. They use their failures as a reference point instead of looking at their successes as a reference point. I have found in life that our wounds become wisdom, we learn much more from failure than victory.

Battles Within

Success is a battle fought on the inside of a man or a woman before it ever sees the battle of the real world.

What are some of the battles that wage within us? The battle not to quit. The battle not to view yourself as hopeless or a failure. The battle not to overthink our lives, our situation, or to blame others.

In the battle of loneliness; we have to be comfortable with ourselves, in our own company before we will ever enjoy anybody else’s company. A major part of having resilience is having compassion for ourselves as well as others

Success in your life is a mindset. You can’t be successful in the middle of pain.

Strategy to Win The Battle

Yes, it does hurt when you are alone, it does hurt when you are in a dark place. What can you do to make sure you win the battles?

First, understand that there is a battle, nobody has a perfect life. Every person that you meet or see on the street is fighting a personal battle of some kind. Real-life is not an Instagram reel or the latest box office movie.

Second, get advice from people who have actually won battles in their lives. If you are having struggles in life or in business and don’t know why go and talk to someone who has some wins and losses and find out how they came through.

Third, be authentic and honest with things in your life. I recently saw a guy wearing a T-Shirt that said, ‘Be patient, I am under construction.

We all need to wear a t-shirt or a sign around our necks saying the same thing. We need to wear it so others can see it, so we can realize the same is true for other people. Understand that your life is constantly under construction.

Yesterday Won’t Come Back

There are people who woke up this morning and will not see another sunset, there are people who will go to bed tonight and expect tomorrow to be waiting for them, but they will not see it.

You can’t wait for somebody else to make your life better, you can’t wait for someone else to come along to start your business, to change your life.

Start today to get rid of the things that are not making you stronger, better, achieving the life you want for yourself and those you care about.

We all struggle, and no one is immune to it.   But make sure you give life your best shot, make sure you live life with integrity and compassion.

Cherish each day you have because someone who didn’t want to go…………..………… didn’t make it today.

Don’t give up.