The Definition of Motivation

The Collins Dictionary defines motivation as: “that which incites to action, movement or motion”.

My definition is: “Having the fire inside you, the passion, the drive, the initiative and the excitement to do what needs to be done to make your life what you want it to be.”

  • If your bank account has hit rock bottom and the bills keep piling up…
  • The boss is asking you to put in a lot more work but on the same salary…
  • The car just blew up and you can’t afford to replace it…
  • Your teenager is skipping classes and hanging out with the wrong crowd…
  • Your parents won’t stop fighting…
  • The person you were married to just took off with someone else…

What will help you stay motivated?

There has to be some kind of reason to hang in there.

Burn The Boats

When you burn the boats you have all the motivation in the world.

The term “burn the boats” comes from Captain Hernan Cortes in 1519. Captain Hernan Cortes had landed in what is now known as Mexico from Spain and was on a conquest of Mexico for Spain (explains why modern day Mexicans speak Spanish) 

Once they had landed he gave his men orders to burn the boats. Why? Retreat is easy when you have an option.

Why is this important to anybody wanting to attain great success in their own life. Most people have a get out clause or safety hatch when they embark on a project.

Now I am not saying to be reckless but just acknowledge that most of us will have this “safety net” in the back of our minds.

You must be honest with yourself and commit 100% to your actions for success. We must learn to act decisively despite your fear.

You have to ask yourself; Do I have “ships” that I could be using as an escape clause? Is it the fear of failure or the fear of the unknown?

What is your fear stopping you from achieving or holding you back from?

Paradoxically, some people have a fear of the very thing they purport to want. A fear of personal and financial success and all that goes with it. Will my friends still like me, will my friends and relatives approve, will people judge me, do I deserve to be successful?

It’s when you have your back against the wall, when you will have to sink or swim that people take massive action.

Motivation is a combination of a number of factors:

Your mind, which decides what you want to achieve;

Your will, which gives you the resolve to fulfil it;

Your emotions, which will stir you to act;

Your effort, which is the amount of  drive you’re willing to put behind your goal;

Your action, which is a culmination of the above.

Motivation is a huge factor in the betterment of ourselves.


Motivation Climbs Mountains

Recently, I was thinking laterally (another way of saying I was daydreaming) and I recalled the dream birthed in me when I started speaking. It was a mammoth vision and one I’m glad I followed. 

I was inspired to turn my dream into reality when I attended an event where the speaker impacted me with a rousing message.

I hurriedly wrote down what I could see in my mind’s eye. People having the best time of their lives and being challenged to seek their life purpose and destiny. I was fired up.

I calculated the emotional and practical cost. It was huge. Mt Everest was a speed bump by comparison. I turned my thoughts into notes, got the team together and laid out the plan. We had started.

Staying Motivated In The Tough Times

Athletes need victory to keep them going. They go from one medal to the next. It keeps them motivated.

They recognise that motivation must be continuous.

They also recognise that being motivated achieves nothing unless there is something to aim at.

Motivation is fuelled by cause, driven by vision and implemented by action.

How can you stay motivated in the tough times? Here are some practical guidelines which will help you:

  1. Input.

This includes inspirational and challenging books, audios, speakers and other motivated people.

2. Overcoming.

Every victory gives you the courage and confidence to aim for the next one. It motivates you to aim for bigger, tougher victories. Develop a sense of overcoming in your heart.

3. Confidence.

There is nothing more de-motivating than lack of confidence. It controls every action you make.

4. Find Your Niche.

Take time to discover what you are good at. Go on a treasure hunt for the hidden gems and talents inside you. Chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

5. A Desire for Growth and Expansion.

Don’t desire to stay where you are today. Have a willingness and passion to grow and expand. Have a desire to stretch beyond your current limitations.

6. Dress Right.

If you dress like a slob, you’ll feel like a slob. Dress like a motivated, going-somewhere person and you will feel motivated.

What type of day do you want to have?

 Dress for that kind of day. Dressing right helps to motivate you.

Tools to help you get over self-doubt

Someone recently spoke with me about imposter syndrome.  They felt that they didn’t have what it takes for their new job, their new business.

They didn’t feel like they were expert enough to be able to consider themselves knowledgeable in their field.

Let me let you in on a secret, the first time you do something you will probably be hopeless at it.

I was, everybody is, but you have to push though that first phase of self doubt and have an air of confidence, unwavering confidence. People feel secure around people who are confident.

Now I’m not talking brash or cocky just a air of confidence. Something that I talk about and teach is the strategy of control and planning.

Think of what you can control and plan for that. All the other stuff you can’t control anyway so don’t waste your time and energy on it.

 There are three steps to get you over your self-doubt.      


  1. What is your goal?

What is it that you want?

Once you figure out what your goal is then you can figure out what your real fears are to attaining that goal.

The fears are really what is behind you self doubt. It can be easy to look at a goal and be overcome by the enormity of it and then put barriers up as to why it can not be attained.

Controlling your self chatter or the negative voices inside your head is  always crucial here.

Once you have that goal in your mind visualise it. Make it real in your mind, think of the time or day it will become real because your mind can’t distinguish between what is real and what  isn’t.

You will subconsciously be reminded and driven by that goal. It will give you a feeling of control over the situation and towards your goal.

2 Make your plan.

Figure out your plan of what needs to be done to get to your goal.

One of the things that I teach and believe is so important is systems. Systems that will get you to your outcome or goal.  You need to set up systems that give you control, and those steps will lead you to your desired outcome. It prompts you to take the initiative or the steps that you need to take. It helps control your self-doubt and it is exactly what I have done. In fact it is that so many other people who have succeeded in their lives do. They push through the self doubt.

One of the things I do is structure my day. I control my day; my day doesn’t control me.

If you are self-employed, in sales or an Entrepreneur you do not really have a boss or a manager telling you what to do everyday. You need structure to attain your goals, you need to follow a routine. 

3 Take Action.

Implement, Implement and Implement.

People who attain at an elite level implement, they don’t just think about it, they take action.

Every successful person on the planet has had to get over their self-doubt.

Now I know that certain people have had it easier than others in relation to their success, but the underlying factor is that every person has had to overcome their self-doubt.

The goal setting and the planning mean absolutely nothing if you do not take massive action and control your self doubt.

Be Great