Albert Einstein once said, “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”  

Learn To Think Differently

Friends, if you learn to think differently, your personal and professional life will change.

Let me explain with a recent example.  The United States has given many nations some great franchises. One of the incredible franchises that has been shipped around the world is the great Krispy Kreme Doughnuts franchise, which was founded by Vernon Rudolph.

Now I have to admit that although I am very passionate about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle I love a Krispy Kreme doughnut and every chance I get to eat their doughnuts, I’m in.

Krispy Kreme franchises tend to be located in many major airports around the world.

In my line of work, I travel a lot & actually get a lot of work done at airport lounges and besides, I always make sure everything is in order so I’m not stuck somewhere for longer than I have to be.

I was at a Krispy Kreme store recently and there was a guy in front of me with his two little girls. I was standing behind them in the line waiting to be served. The girls were looking with excitement at all the choices available in the doughnut display.

As I was admiring this cute little scene unfolding in front of me, I heard the father say to his daughters, “Girls, you can have any doughnut you like, except for the ones on the top shelf.”

Now, you and I and everybody else know exactly what doughnuts those little girls wanted …Yep guessed it, the ones on the top shelf!

Situated on the top shelf were the most expensive doughnuts, but they were only about 60 or 90 cents more than the other doughnuts. I could see these two little girls eagerly looking at the top-shelf doughnuts. They were obviously disappointed at the news that the top shelf was off-limits to them.

I quietly went over to the father and handed him $20. (I made sure I did it in such a way that didn’t cause him embarrassment)

“Here, sir, use this to buy the girls the doughnuts from the top shelf,” I said to him. “Who are you?” he asked me, surprised. ” I replied. “I teach people to prosper. I encourage people to invest not just in stuff, but in memories. It’s the biggest gift you can give your children. Buy the girls a doughnut from the top shelf, an extra 90 cents isn’t going to make you broke.”

Poverty Mindset or Abundance Mindset

This man did not have what I call an ‘abundance mindset. He had a poverty mindset that automatically thinks, “I can’t afford the most expensive doughnuts.”

And by telling his daughters that they couldn’t have the doughnuts on the top shelf, he was passing down that same mindset.

Even worse is the possibility that these two little girls could have walked away from that shop thinking, “We don’t deserve the best. We’re not good enough to have really nice things. We have to settle for second best.”

Even something as simple as buying a doughnut can have a huge impact on the mindset of our children. The issue here was not the doughnuts. The issue was the father’s mindset.

Now you may be thinking “David you are being harsh. how did you know that it was a mindset issue and not a case of genuinely not having the money?

Well, to begin with, I noticed that the man was carrying the latest iPhone which are about $2000 depending on where in the world you live.

Then I noticed that the man had a packet of cigarettes. Again depending on where you live, cigarettes can be very expensive with the US the fourth most expensive place to buy them & Australia being the most expensive country in the world to buy a packet.

This father had a choice: he could invest in potentially passing on limiting beliefs or he could invest in memories.

He could create a mindset in his daughters that could potentially limit their future prosperity or he could begin to build a mindset in them by which they would grow up believing that they have unlimited potential.

He could spend his money on cigarettes, watch them go up in smoke, and do him harm or he could invest his pocket money in the future prosperity of his two little girls.

Until next week