Start Rebuilding Your Life Today

What am I talking about?

Simply this: we are all fragile, every one of us. We have & will continue to encounter challenges, setbacks and friction in our lives.

We all deal with financial pressures, social pressures and emotional strains. And sometimes we fail, we don’t succeed.

We have to be remind ourselves of our frailty as human beings and have compassion in what we expect from ourselves and others.

Sometimes we expect our partner, our colleagues & friends and even ourselves to be perfect, but we are all are all susceptible to pressure.

So it is important to have people and strategies in our lives that remind us that we are in fact human beings, that keep us accountable and help us release the stress of living life at a high level… otherwise we’re headed for a mighty great fall just like poor Humpty Dumpty.

Mohammed Ali Don’t Need No Plane

Former world boxing champion and legend Mohammed Ali once boarded a plane and was politely asked by a flight attendant to fasten his seat belt when she noticed it was undone. Ali replied, ‘Superman don’t need no seat belt.’ The flight attendant quickly shot back, ‘Superman don’t need no airplane either.’ Ali then fastened his seatbelt.

All of us at some point can believe we are Superman or Superwoman. Invincible and above the laws of nature, But in fact, just like Humpty Dumpty, we are fragile if we fall from a high enough wall’.

In For The Long Haul

Ask yourself, “What area of my life are starting to show cracks? What strategies am I using to bolster my resilience for the long haul? Are you determined that even if you do unfortunately crack under pressure that you will bounce back better, stronger, smarter? That you will start rebuilding your life today.

Go Rocky

We all love the story of the underdog. Many Hollywood movies are on that very subject. One of the most famous is the Rocky series of movies. When you look at the back story of Sylvester Stallone when he actually wrote the screenplay for the original Rocky he was on the verge of homeliness. He was a struggling unknown actor trying to make it movies. He wrote the movie script in only three days whilst in the local public library to ward of the cold winter chills.

He was at a casting call and on the way out told the producers of his script. He later had a meeting, and they loved the script but didn’t want Sylvester to play the part of Rocky. He was offered $360,000 for the script on the proviso that he didn’t play the part of Rocky. Now, you have to take in that this was back in the 1970s and at that time Sylvestor was struggling to live and $360,000 was a considerable amount of money. We all know that the Rocky Series and Sylvestor’s career just went into the stratosphere.


I have learned that it doesn’t matter who wants you to bounce back, it’s entirely up to you if you want to bounce back. It’s whether you want to get up, dust yourself off and  piece your life together again. Everybody’s good intentions and input is irrelevant. The only issue is, are you willing to put your life together again and move forward?

“Make sure your comebacks are bigger than your setbacks” David C. Lee

Are you determined that Humpty Dumpty will bounce back, or just lay cracked and miserable on the ground? I often wondered why all the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men couldn’t put Humpty back together again. It’s because they weren’t meant to. It was not up to them it was up to him. He was meant to. He was meant to piece his own life together again, and so are you. Start Rebuilding your life today.

– David

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