The Learning From Our Mistakes.

Have you ever noticed that most of us don’t really learn much when life is going well. Unfortunately, most of us learn our lessons the hard way, by learning the lessons in our mistakes.

It’s just human nature. We learn more in life through hardship and adversity than we do when life is going well. I certainly know I have!

Many of my hardships have been self-inflicted, others have been forced on me through no real fault of my own. But I have learned a lot… because I’ve made tons of mistakes! Many people are just so scared to do anything for fear of making a mistake. We all learn by actually making mistakes & studying the mistake of others.

It’s All About Our Habits 

Experts say it takes about 21 days to form a habit & 66 days for a new habit to be entrenched in our psych. I wonder what it would take to go one step further and completely change life patterns developed over years.

I wonder how long it would take to develop a completely brand new lifestyle, a complete new way of thinking, acting, moving,  living. More importantly, how do we avoid developing habits that will sabotage an already successful life? How do we become successful in spite of our weaknesses, past programing and struggles?

The simple answer is: by (finally) learning from mistakes. Learning from our mistakes and also the mistakes of others.  

Don’t be afraid of the F word,  failure. It’s a fact that everybody fails. It’s just part of being a human being. There is no one alive who at some point in their journey has not failed.

Every famous inventor has failed. Every world leader has failed. Every successful entrepreneur has failed (most several times). But, friends, a failure is not the person who fails… because then everyone that ever existed would be a failure! No, a failure is the person who does not make a comeback, who looks at failure as a complete defeat, who throws in the towel.

We Have All Experienced Failure.

Like you, I have failed. And like me, many of you may be trying to cope with failures of various kinds: relationship breakdowns, business downturns or complete lose of a business, loss of friends or income, failing an academic exam or subject, losing a game… Like me, you may have dealt with rejection, betrayal, sorrow, or a broken heart.

You know what though, mistakes are something we do, not something we are. Mistake don’t define us. We are all prone to failure.

You may ask, ‘Why me, why did it happen to me and why now?’ One thing I have experienced is that answering the why, isn’t as important as learning to overcome the problems.

What is important is how you start to rebuild your life. And you can best begin to do that right now by realizing the power of lessons learned. The principles I share are life principles. Life unfortunately is really how we act and react to the tragedies and mistakes that give rise to triumph, to greatness, success to winning.

Life Is a Journey.

I want to take you on a journey and share with you the many lessons I’ve learned and am constantly learning. I also share experiences of some great men and women through history, and what they learned from their mistakes. Success in life would be a long road if with only rely on our own failures & not learn from the failure of others.  We are all constantly learning from mistakes.

I hope I can challenge you to take action, to change your circumstances from failure to success. I hope you get tremendous value from the guests of my podcast show Dreamers Believers & High Achievers, from my books, my social media, my courses and my events.

I hope that you decide to come into our community and experience the tremendous rush and satisfaction of being with other people who are prepared to step outside the average. People who are committed to being lifelong learners and experience life to its fullest.

To your success