What A Year It Is & We Are Only 2 Weeks In.

Well, the year is just beginning & in many places covid 2022 looks much the same as 2020.

A tsunami threatened parts of the world & caused major issues for the good people of Tonga.

Novak Djokovic gets deported from Australia amid deep division in that country & vastly differing opinions from around the world.

What of Novak’s future in entering other countries & the ramifications on his career?

Now, is the time to put all that to one side & get on with making You Inc. successful in 2022 and beyond.

Investing in Yourself  

I just love investing in myself and my education and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on self-education.

Success is all about leveraging other people’s knowledge and experience so we don’t have to make the same mistakes they have, we learn from their experiences.

What Is a Mastermind

I have been in paid and peer-to-peer masterminds for a while now. I’m currently in both a peer-to-peer and a paid Mastermind right now.

Yes, I was happy to pay for friends in my paid masterminds and will continue to do so for the conceivable future. The benefits are just huge in so many ways.

Being part of a mastermind brings with it an incredible amount of accountability. You can be sure that when you have a bunch of other people waiting for you to report on your promised actions that you actually have those actions done.

Make sure you get into a mastermind with big thinkers who will encourage you to attain your huge goals.

Whilst we all have friends that we know and love we can’t always have the same sort of conversations that we have with our mastermind group.

Masterminds give you the opportunity to tap into people who have done it all before you. This saves a ton of time and money by preventing you from making the same mistake they have. 

When you are in a paid mastermind you have purchased the knowledge base of everyone involved as well as other benefits like retreats, special guests, templates, blueprints and a range of other benefits.

In a Mastermind, you get to support each other and get ideas from each other. Leaders are always looking for new strategies, they become lifelong learners. Being in a mastermind gives all involved the opportunity to learn from each other.

They are a safe place and it’s amazing how much people will share when they let themselves become vulnerable and transparent.

Personal Board of Directors

I look at my Mastermind as my own personal Board of Advisors or Board of directors. None of us are as smart as all of us and that really hits home in a mastermind.

We all face fear at some time and by having our Mastermind where you can get advice, guidance, and reassure us along the way. You get a consensus of advice that you can implement straight away.  

There is one phrase that you will never hear are truly successful person use and that is “I know that already”   

How Does A Mastermind Work?

Ok, David, you have sold me on the value of a Mastermind but how does it all work.

I’m going to explain how a free peer-to-peer Mastermind works. 

A Peer to Peer Mastermind usually works best having 4 people in it. You can do a mastermind with 3 people but 4 seems to be the optimal number.

The most efficient way is a weekly Mastermind

You set aside 1 hour and 20 minutes for a 4 person Mastermind.

Each Guest gets 5 minutes to express wins and lessons learned from their week.

Each meeting, one of the group gets to be in the hot seat. The person in the hot seat then shares their challenges and what answers they specifically need from the group.

The next 25 minutes is spent with the group asking clarifying questions and giving the person in the hot seat their advice. Then the last 10 minutes are used to conclude the mastermind session. During the wrap up each member shares a goal they have for the following week. The hot seat rotates each week.

It’s a simple method but very very powerful. At first, people are reluctant to be in the hot seat but after everything settles in you look forward to your hot seat time because you realize what a powerful tool it is.

One thing you have to keep in mind though is the timing. It’s not a social gathering but a business and success session. To keep it fair also make sure that the timekeeper duties are rotated each week.

Also, have a policy of 90% attendance at meetings. People are giving their valuable time to the success of the Mastermind so make sure you have motivated people in it.

Who Do You Have As Part OF Your Mastermind

Who are the best people to have in your Mastermind?

The best way is to have members who are all at a similar stage on their journey or slightly ahead. That way it keeps everyone engaged and interested.

The power of a mastermind is incredible and will certainly fast-track your success. If you want to change your life you need to change your environment and surrounding yourself with 3 or 4 trusted “advisors” is a sure way of doing it.

After being in a peer-to-peer mastermind for a while you might want to jump right into a paid Mastermind.

When people have money in the game they tend to really show up and put the effort in.

Paid Masterminds are used by so many of the high achievers of the world because they know what huge benefits you can get.  You get access to other members’ contact lists and influence and this along really fast-tracks your success.

So take the leap and either start your own or join an existing Mastermind. The first one or two you join might not be the right fit. But, once your settle in you will see so many benefits both to yourself and the other members as you take on and implement the advice. It’s also very satisfying to see your input and advice helping others.

Together we can achieve the extraordinary.