3 am – The Time of Night When Robbers Prowl.

What you believe about yourself at your worst moment is what you really believe. When it’s 3 am and you lay awake in bed, not being able to control your thoughts, your mind, what do you say about yourself?

Do you get into negative thought stacking where one negative thought leads to another and soon the floodgates of negativity come flooding in?  Do the goal robbers, the negative vibe merchants steal your dreams away?

When our lives are successful and we are doing well, our beliefs appear as solid as a rock. We really don’t question them.

Capture – Torpedo – Replace

An incredible strategy for countering negative thoughts is Capture – Torpedo – Replace,

Capture the negative thoughts as they come up. Don’t let them grow legs and start their devious work.

Torpedo the negative thought right there and then. Torpedo the negative thought right out of the water or in this case right out of your mind.

Replace the negative thought with a new belief/thought that moves you towards your goals and empowers you.

Yes, it does sound weird and takes a little practice to form into a habit, but it will change your life.  

All Winning Streaks End

When a winning streak collapse and your life derails, what do you believe then? Do you still believe the positive things that you once believed?

You should, because at your worst moment, beliefs are most powerful. In the depths of despair, it is the things we believe that really kick in and begin to make a difference. Haven’t you noticed that when many businesspeople or sportspeople have major incidents in their life they don’t give up?

During my own toughest challenges and I have had a few, what kept me going is believing that something good will emerge. And it has! Something good has already emerged and is in the process of becoming something great.

In your worst moments, what do you believe about your life? What do you believe about your faith? What do you believe about yourself?

Do you still believe that you are someone worthy of friendship, even when supposed friends have deserted you? What do you believe when people say negative and hurtful things about you? Do you believe all the negative stuff or do you believe the positive? What you believe about yourself in your worst moment is what you really believe.

Batter Up

I love the story of the major league baseball player Yogi Berra. He never blamed himself when he was not hitting well; he simply blamed the bat. If he kept missing, he changed the bat.

Some people thought he was not facing reality, but I think Berra has gone one step higher. He knew that he was a champion but realized that he would not always have winning streaks and he refused to destroy his own confidence by believing the worst about himself.

Beliefs, They Either Make or Break

What do you believe about yourself today? Do you believe the good things? The good things in your life are set, they are great, they are awesome, everybody knows about them.

Everything else in life is recoverable. Your losses are recoverable. Your friends are recoverable. Finances are recoverable. Don’t give in at the worst moment. You will miss the light at the end of the tunnel if you jump off the train halfway through.

I want to leave you with this with a wonderful poem that I go to often.

Live life

– David

Beginning today

Beginning today I will no longer worry about yesterday.

It is in the past and the past will never change.

Only I can change by choosing to do so.

Beginning today I will no longer worry about tomorrow.

Tomorrow will always be there, waiting for me to make the most of it.               

But I cannot make the most of tomorrow without first making the

most of today.

Beginning today I will look in the mirror and I will see a person worthy of

my respect and admiration.

This capable person looking back at me is someone I enjoy spending time

with and spending time with and someone I would like to get to know better.    

Beginning today I will cherish each moment of my life.

I value this gift bestowed upon me in this world and I will

Unselfishly share this gift with others.

I will use this gift to enhance the lives of others.

Beginning today I will take a moment to step off the beaten path and

to revel in the mysteries I encounter.

I will overcome what barriers there may be which hinder my quest    

For growth and self-improvement.

Beginning today I will take life one day at a time, one step at a time.

Discouragement will not be allowed to taint my positive self-image,

my desire to succeed or my capacity to love.

Beginning today I walk with renewed faith in human kindness.

Regardless of what has gone before, I believe there is hope

for a brighter and better future.

Beginning today I will open my mind and my heart.

I will welcome new experiences. I will meet new people.

I will not expect perfection from myself nor anyone else: perfection

does not exist in an imperfect world.

But I will applaud the attempt to overcome human foibles.

Beginning today I am responsible for my own happiness and I will

Do things that make me happy . . .

admire the beautiful wonders of nature, listen to my favorite

music, pet a kitten or a puppy, soak in a bubble bath . . .

pleasure can be found in the most simple of gestures.

Beginning today I will learn something new; I will try something

different; I will savor all the various flavors life has to offer.

I will change what I can and the rest I will let go.

I will strive to become the best me I can possibly be.

Beginning today. And every day.

John McCornack