I often get asked by people “what is all this  ChatGPT and Open AI stuff?”

So I thought in this blog I would write a quick explanation on what it is and what it does.

ChatGPT is an AI model developed by Open AI that specializes in conversational interactions. Imagine having a virtual assistant that can understand and respond to your questions, help you brainstorm ideas, and even engage in creative writing.

People are using ChatGPT for their copywriting, blogs, newsletters,  ads and even emails. It is also a fantastic tool to help you do your research as well.

ChartGPT brings us closer to this reality by generating human like text based on the prompts it receives. To get the best results you have to be very thoughtful on what you ask it as well as the way you ask it.

The Power of Natural Language Processing

At the heart of ChatGPT lies natural language processing (NLP), a system that focuses on understanding and generating human language. NLP enables ChatGPT to comprehend the meaning behind our queries and generate coherent and contextually appropriate responses.

This technology has the potential to enhance various aspects of our life, from customer service to education and beyond. I believe that in the future medical practitioners, consultants etc will be liable for litigation if they have not consulted AI in their process and an issue arises.

Open AI’s Commitment to Advancement

Open AI is a leading research organization dedicated to developing safe and beneficial AI technologies. They have continually worked to improve Chat GPT by incorporating user’s feedback and conducting continuing extensive research.

Open AI strives to make ChatGPT increasing reliable, user friendly, and capable of addressing a wider range of topics and questions.

ChatGPT Customization Abilities

Open AI has introduced the ability for users of ChatGPT to customise it’s behaviour. This means you can specify desired responses or provide examples to guide its output. By allowing users to shape GPT’s behavior, Open AI allows individuals and organizations to harness its potential for their needs, whether it’s creating content, generating ideas, or creating specific tasks.

Many existing applications are now incorporating ChatGPT to enhance their own user experience.

Considerations and Responsibilities

Open AI has stated that they place great importance on the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies. They seek user feedback and continue with ongoing research to address limitations and biases in ChatGPT’s responses.

Open AI’s commitment to transparency and accountability ensures that AI is developed with ethical considerations in mind.

The future of ChatGPT and conversational AI is increasingly promising. Open AI continues to work on refining the model’s capabilities, making it more accurate, trustworthy, and versatile.

Their mission is to build AI that benefits all of humanity, while ensuring it is safe, reliable, and respectful.


AI is here to stay and like other technologies will always have the critics as did the introduction of the automobile, airplane, electricity and even only a few short decades ago, the internet itself.

People who embrace AI and what it has to offer will be on the front foot in business and in life. Those that don’t will definitely be left behind.

Now for my final thought. Was this article written by me at all or was it written by ChatGPT?

To throw another curve ball at you, did I load the article and images myself or did I use AI to create the blog from start to finish?

To Your Success