What Is An Entrepreneur

I often get asked, David what is an entrepreneur?  My definition is a person who has the ability and desires to build or improve a business and take calculated risks in doing so.

Entrepreneurs need a wide range of skills yet have to be aware of their own limitations and be willing to delegate tasks within their business. They need to let go and have an open mindset of new technology and systems they can use.

Being an entrepreneur or business owner, you must learn to accept failure and move on, it’s part of the deal. Success doesn’t come and tap you on the shoulder, you must go and get it.  

My mentor tells me “Fall in love with the hustle”

Now some people see the word hustle as a negative. It’s been hijacked by the movie industry and turned into a negative. In my mentor’s context and mine, it means to make things happen, to network, to pick up the phone and put deals together, to get it done.

Don’t be a spectator that sits on the sidelines and picks up the crumbs. Become a player on the field, making it happen.

Never Get Comfortable

True hustlers never give up or ease off. They know that what they do today, will reflect in their results in a month, 3 months, 6 months, or even years’ time.

They set goals and make sure they hit them daily. They set goals that are huge, bold and send them on a path to greatness.  

They write out their goals on a daily or twice daily basis and keep them top of mind. I have my goals laminated and stuck on the wall in my shower just to remind me.

Speak Up & Promote

You can’t sell a secret. You must promote yourself if you want to hustle. There are Pizza and Hamburgers chains all over the world that are known by everyone. Do they make the best hamburgers and pizzas? Not by a longshot, but they promote themselves, they spend a fortune on marketing and advertising because they know you can’t sell a secret.

Now don’t bombard social media and everyone you meet with messages about how good you and your company are but keep them up to date with your achievements and what’s happening in your business. Give them high-value content that they will look forward to receiving.

You Are Going To Get Criticized

If you are going to put yourself out there you are guaranteed to trigger someone, offend someone or someone is going to take your comments out of context. I know of people who get one negative comment on social media and never want to post again.

Be ready to deal with the haters. Don’t waste your time in engaging with them. Don’t let your future and your goals be affected by their negative comments. It really says a lot about their own lives in that they have the time and desire to make the comment in the first place.

No matter what you do or what your business is there is no escaping the haters and critics.

Do The Reps

If you want to succeed you have to do the work, it really is that simple. Sure, look at ways to work smarter, look at ways to better your systems but at the end of the day, you have to put the reps in.

The simple fact is that the harder and smarter you work you will achieve ongoing success, and your goals will come faster.

Notice I said, ‘harder and smarter you work’. I am certainly not advocating working 7 days a week for 18 hours a day. You do have to put the hours in especially at the start but keep an open mindset on how you can improve the way you work.

Now grab a piece of paper and make a list of your top 5 entrepreneurs and then compare them. Chances are there are all/were different ages, different backgrounds, different sexes, and different education but the one thing that all had in common was their mindset. The mindset to succeed, overcome, adapt and learn.  

It’s all about mindset

Be great