Why Is Creativity Crucial In Life and Business?

Creativity is an extremely important component in our lives and businesses. In fact, it is regarded as a key skill and as the driver of innovation and progress. Creativity is a highly valued skill in many different industries, not just the ones that have traditionally been thought of as “creative industries.” 

Creativity allows us to imagine new ideas, think outside of the box, and make crucial contributions to our working lives and the world around us.

Whether it’s through business, the arts, science, technology, or even day-to-day problem-solving, creativity is a driving force behind changing our world and the world around us.

How Can We Tap Into Our Own Creativity?

Everyone’s creative process is unique, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, there are a few key strategies to help us boost our creativity.

Schedule Time

Most people are simply too busy to be creative. How can we possibly be creative when we are just concentrating on the things we need to get done?

It is important to set aside time for creative thinking. You need to set aside time in your schedule for thinking,  brainstorming, and exploring your creative mind.

Take the time to go for a leisurely walk or sit down with a blank piece of paper by the water or in a park. You have to set the time aside and treat it like another appointment, or you will not do it.

Get Outside Of Your Box

Another crucial strategy is to expose yourself to new and diverse ideas and perspectives. This can be done by reading, traveling, exploring, or even just spending time with people outside of your usual social circle.

I know that I have been guilty of thinking a certain way about a promotion or campaign and as a result not achieving the desired end results.

The more you are open to exposing yourself to different ideas, perspectives, and ways of thinking, the more likely you are to come up with innovative solutions.

I have a close friend that spends time exploring other industries other than his own with the idea of discovering new things he can implement in his own business.

Have An Open Mindset

Another key aspect is to keep an open mind. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, take calculated risks, and implement new ideas. Some of the most amazing breakthroughs have been made by people who were not afraid to push the envelope and try new ideas.

Finally, it’s important to stay in tune with your own passions and interests. Whether it’s a business niche, a pastime, your field of study, or a social issue. Things that genuinely excite you tend to be a tried-and-tested proving ground for new ideas.


In summary, creativity is a vital component of our lives and can be nurtured and developed by scheduling time for creative thinking, exposing yourself to new perspectives and opinions, remaining curious with an open mindset, and following your passions.

Creativity and its continued development is an ongoing process, and like any other skill, the more we practice, the more we can tap into our own creativity and make meaningful contributions to our businesses, each other, and the world.

To Your Success