Don’t Contract Blametitis

There is no doubting that John Wooden is one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time. He led his team, the UCLA Bruins, to a record-breaking number of NCAA basketball championships and along the way gained the respect of players and fans alike.

He was an inspiration — he led and propelled his teams to many incredible victories. Along the way, he always stressed to his players that they must take responsibility for their actions.

One of his memorable motivating statements and the title of this article is this: “Nobody is a real loser until they start blaming somebody else.”

Stop It Right Now

Are you in the habit of making excuses? If you are, stop it right now! You were designed for advancement, you were engineered for prosperity in your life, and you must make overcoming negative mindsets a priority in your life.

Everyone has been endowed with seeds of greatness. The human spirit and mind can overcome incredible challenges. You can see it, hear it, and read about it every day if you are just looking out for it.

Or you can concentrate on the latest tragedy, crisis, or impending doom pushed by the media in an endless cycle of getting our eyeballs and mouse clicks on their latest news piece, all in an effort to increase advertising revenue.  

But getting back to excuses. Excuses short circuit your future and create the totally opposite kind of life to the one you are meant to have. Broke people make excuses; people with a millionaire mindset make a life, a life where they can help the people closest to them. Where they can help the many people that build a life due to their risk-taking and backing themselves. Where they can free up their time to give back to society, where they can financially help others.

No More Excuses!

With prosperity comes a certain amount of responsibility. The ability to accept responsibility can some ways be described as the measure of a person. The ability to accept responsibility for your own prosperity is the measure of how much prosperity will come to you.

Unfortunately, some people recognize responsibility only to avoid it at all costs. They are always busy doing something other than what they know they should be doing. They concentrate on low-level tasks because it is easier and allows them to avoid responsibility.

If your idea of a perfect life is sitting on the couch, watching the game, eating pizza and drinking beer then go for it. Knock yourself out and enjoy.  

But getting back to the prosperity mindset, it doesn’t dodge responsibility. It faces it head-on and takes massive action. I know if you are reading this right now that you are destined for greatness and are taking action on it.

Responsibility creates within us a capacity for greater wealth and prosperity.

Common Negative Mindset

One final negative mindset I want to address is this: some people think that you have to be educated to be able to become wealthy. This is simply not true and is illustrated time and time again by Robert Kiyosaki in his classic book  “Rich Dad, Poor Dad’   

Put simply and bluntly, education does not equal wealth. I have met countless highly educated people who are unable to live successful and prosperous lives. I have lost count of how many successful people have been asked if they have College Degrees and the common answer is “No I don’t, but plenty of people who work for me do.

All over the world, there are high school and college dropouts who have been very successful, people like Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, John McGrath, Roxy Jecenko, Steve Jobs etc.

This quote by William Feather, author of The Business of Life, sums it up: “Two delusions fostered by higher education are that what is taught corresponds to what is learned and that it will somehow pay off in money.”

Mark Twain made this comment, “I never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

One of my favorite quotes is by Jim Rohn, “Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune”  

Remember, you do not have to be educated, you just have to think with a prosperity mindset and take action.

What Is The Answer To Excuses?

Here is a fabulous remedy for excuses: develop positive expectations.

Yes, expect things to go well, expect yourself to prosper, expect to be wealthy, expect to be able to help others, expect to be fit and healthy, expect to live a long and prosperous life, and expect to develop great friendships and connections.

Expectation sows the seed for miracles.

My friend, whatever we focus our attention on grows. If you focus your attention on making excuses, then your excuses will flourish and create an ecosystem of their own; if you focus on creating prosperity, then that will expand. If you spend your mental energy and bandwidth constantly worrying, making excuses, and justifying your own mediocrity, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to create abundance in your life.

So determine to focus on your prosperity, success, and all that goes with it.

In short, get rid of all excuses from your life, take massive action and begin to see great results!

Don’t accept mediocrity in your life