What An Opportunity

Opportunities are really based on chance and choice: when you get a chance, make the choice.  

In other words, when opportunity knocks you must choose whether to let it in or shut it out. The ball is in your court, will you play ball or forever be a spectator?

In his book ‘The Search For Self Respect” Dr. Maxwell Maltz says you create opportunity. You develop the capacity for opportunity by moving toward opportunities. You turn crisis into creative opportunities and defeat into successes, frustration into fulfillment.

What Is The Key

The key to recognizing opportunities is to believe that only you decide what is a problem and what is an opportunity. How you respond to circumstances determines whether that become opportunities to advance yourself,  your career, and your lifestyle.

You must decide if you will initiate and not procrastinate when you see the potential in an opportunity. We must have a sense of adventure rather than intimidation.

Humans are wired to react with intimidation and fear rather than adventure. Intimidation and fear’s primary role in the past was to keep us safe, but now it robs us of many opportunities.

If you see any challenge as an adventurous process where you can learn, where you can grow and thrive then it will be in an advantageous mindset to turn obstacles into opportunities.

The Intimidation Process

Let me illustrate this for you. someone might come to you with a brand new business opportunity. It requires time effort and resources. There is always an element of cost.

What is your first response? Probably get intimidated by the costs, and self-doubt creeps in. In all probability, people around you confirm your worst fears. (we can always find experts lacking experience that will reinforce their own intimidating fears).  Eventually, you will be turned against the very opportunity that may give you freedom,  financial security, abundance, and the ability to help others.

I see a lot of reluctance with people that I mentor and coach in putting themselves out there on social media, webinars, book writing etc.

When I speak to them of personal brand and the importance of getting yourself out there I can sometime see the persons eyes glaze over.

The truth is that influencers in any industry that take on and build their personal brand will be hugely successful. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen when your content starts to get traction.

Established names will become irrelevant even though they may have been hugely successful in the past. Legacy brands will become invisible if they don’t take on technology and social media. It’s time to get tactical and not philosophical.

Start building your brand today & don’t live in fear of other people’s opinions.

Speak Up

People often tell me that technology and social media are ruining society. No, I believe that it’s society doing it to themselves. Social media can’t think, can’t influence in itself, it needs the input of humans.

It really is up to us to put out quality content on a daily basis. Help your market every day by producing quality ads, webinars, blogs, emails, short-form, and long-form social media, podcasts, and video.

If you get the chance to speak in front of an audience or be interviewed then take it. Don’t let your self-doubt take over.

The world needs to hear your voice, your experience.

Together we can achieve the extraordinary